Sea, beaches and nature

PARCO DEL MARE > the Seawllness Park is the new waterfront requalification project that, proceeding in steps, is transforming Rimini's 16 kilometres of promenade, focusing on wellbeing, environment and sustainable mobility, with green spaces and fitness areas. It is available to everyone 365 days a year, with sports equipment, fitness areas and children's playgrounds. It is ideal for walking or cycling in the greenery overlooking the sea.

In terms of services, the BEACH is truly unique: beach umbrellas and sunbeds, cabins and showers, bars and restaurants, whirlpools and libraries on the beach, supervised bathing, open-air gyms, beach sports of all kinds, beach tennis and beach volleyball courts, and many tournaments: an organisation that has no equals in Italy. 
In Marina Centro in particular, sports activities can be practised all year round.

Rimini is also a green city thanks to the large URBAN PARKS, created along the ancient course of the Marecchia river and the Ausa torrent. The main city parks are Parco XXV Aprile or Parco Marecchia and Parco della Cava.