Federico Mecozzi. Concert at Dawn

For Pink Night a concert on the beach at Rimini Terme

Saturday 6 July 2024

at 5.00 a.m.


At dawn on Saturday 6 July, an enchanting concert on the beach at Rimini Terme in Miramare, for the traditional appointment with the public at sunrise by the sea. Every year repertoire and sounds are particularly in tune with the atmosphere of dawn.
This year, the music and violin of the resident artist FEDERICO MECOZZI will be the protagonists of the evocative concert.
Mecozzi is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, who for the past fifteen years he has been accompanying Ludovico Einaudi on long tours in the world's most prestigious theatres and arenas (Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Philharmonie Berlin to name but a few) as well as in the production of records as musician and musical assistant.
The artist offers a concert that spans several tracks from his two solo albums, ‘Awakening’ (2019) and ‘Inwards’ (2022), as well as some reinterpretations of universally significant composers.
In the original way that distinguishes his music, a constant interweaving of sounds that pass between contemporary classical, folk, electronic, and world music, where more relaxed and introspective moments alternate with dynamic crescendos and obstinate rhythms that recall at times ancient Northern European folk ballads, at other times Middle Eastern tribal movements, and at other times more modern danceable rhythms, he offers a refined and cultured declination of this Pink Night dedicated to dance.
On stage with him is the ensemble that has masterfully accompanied him for years:
Federico Mecozzi - violin, viola, piano Veronica Conti - cello Anselmo Pelliccioni - cello and double bass Massimo Marches - guitars and electronics Stefano Zambardino - keyboards and accordion Tommy Graziani - drums and percussion.


Rimini Terme, viale Principe di Piemonte - Miramare di Rimini

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