Pink Night 2024: from Torre Pedrera to Miramare, the squares are transformed into a big dance floor

'Weekend Dance' is the claim of the 19th edition of the summer New Year's Eve: La Notte Rosa

5 - 7 July 2024
Multiple Events

The Notte Rosa is back, dressing pink the whole of Romagna for three days. 
The 'New Year's Eve' of the summer, the great celebration of the Riviera, reaches its nineteenth edition. The entire coastline, with its beating heart in Rimini, will be coloured pink from dusk to dawn in an explosion of lights, sounds and images, a widespread event with music, dance, shows and magical scenery. And as usual, on Friday night at midnight, the fireworks display will color the sea and sky simultaneously all over the Riviera. 
The claim of this edition is "Weekend Dance", which will transform Romagna into the largest dance floor in Italy. It will be a Pink Night in the sign of dance in its thousand forms and meanings: from folk rhythms to sports dance, from country to ballroom dancing, from disco dance to hip hop, from rock to indie hop, passing through the world of clubbing and discos. Among the initiatives: the story of the Romagna dance district that was so popular in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s, exhibitions on the history of dance on the Riviera, on DJs, and on the future of music.  A step-by-step dance journey that begins with one of the symbols of Romagna in the world: the great tradition of ballroom dancing, a true soundtrack of Romagna, an enduring myth that unites generations far away in time. In the year tha celebrates the 70th anniversary of 'Romagna Mia', a pillar in the history of Italian and Romagna music, an emblem of the combination of music and dance, live erformances and flash mobs, the Pink Night will focus on the celebration of Liscio, the ballroom dancing, its protagonists and its orchestras.
On Saturday 6 July, at the same time, all the towns in the Riviera will stage a big Flash Mob to be danced to, and send out a message of joy and sharing, celebrating the festive and welcoming spirit of the area (at 6 pm). In Rimini, the official appointment is in Piazzale Kennedy.


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