This was the first resort locality to appear north of Rimini at the end of the last century. 
Situated 4km from the city centre, it is serviced by city bus lines and can also be easily reached by car from the A14 motorway (Rimini Nord exit). 

The Sacramora spring, to which the public has free access, can be found in Viserba and offers the opportunity to regenerate the body by means of the digestive and diuretic properties of its spring water.

Golden sand, a sea that is always calm thanks to the breakwater barriers, as well as the cordiality of the bathing attendants are all indispensable ingredients for a fun and relaxing holiday. 

The tourist committee organizes hospitality festivals, folk cultural events, for which programmes are available at information offices.

Another of Viserba's features which attracts a large public is Italy in Miniature, an amusement  where the most famous monuments, the mountains and the lakes of Italy are faithfully reproduced in miniature. It is thus possible to remain on the shores of the Adriatic while taking a stroll through Milan's Piazza Duomo, Rome's Colosseum or while admiring Mount Bianco and Lake Garda.

Viserba Office (IAT)
via G. Dati n. 180/a - 47900 Viserba 

Marina Centro Office (IAT)
P.le Fellini 3 - 47900 Rimini
Tel. +39 0541 56902