This locality is halfway between Rimini and Riccione, from which it is 5km distant.

It is renowned for its sand and the spa therapies provided at the Thalassotherapy Centre "Rimini Terme", an avant-garde medical centre situated on the sea shore.The structure offers year-round relaxation and therapies useful for treating bone and respiratory diseases, and then aesthetic programs with sauna, whirlpool, mud therapy, massages, aquagym. Inside there are 4 swimming pools and a large gym, all strictly with a splendid view of the sea - www.riminiterme.com 

It is a destination for young people who may find inexpensive accomodations in the typical "pensioni" or at the camping grounds near the seashore.

Miramare's beach is in a favourable position because it is closed to the International Airport "Federico Fellini" -  - and it is serviced by bus and trolley-bus lines from both Rimini and Riccione.

Discos, pubs, arcades and a fair ground are the main attractions for those who love fun.
Then there are sports facilities, including tennis, skating, areas for playing Italian bowls, swimming lessons and flight initiations (contact the Aero Club at the airport; tel. +39 0541 373301).
A relaxing alternative is a walk for shopping in Viale Oliveti, with its new look, to round out the opportunites offered for a truly enjoyable holiday.

Miramare Office (IAT) 
v.le Martinelli 11/a 47900 Miramare