Porta Montanara

or St. Andrew's door

Porta Montanara was built in the days of Silla (I century B.C.); it was one of Ariminum's four entrances - together with Porta Romana, Porta Gallica, Porta Marina.
Placed at the end of "Cardine Massimo" (via Garibaldi), it was half-destroyed by the war in 1943; the barrel vault left was restored and placed inside Rimini Diocese's courtyard next to Tempio Malatestiano.
After 60 years, in 2003 works took place in order to put the "Porta" back in via Garibaldi by dismantling it piece by piece.
At the end of this complex operation, now the Roman period "Porta Montanara" is back where it was before, being again symbol of Rimini's mountain side entrance.