Piazza della Vecchia Pescheria and ‘piazzetta delle poveracce’

Once upon a time, it was the Old Fish Market, the Vecchia Pescheria with benches in Istrian stone, and the memory of women with headscarves that sold clams, or rather the ‘poveracce’ as they still call them in Rimini.

Now it is the centre of nightlife in town (the other still being Marina Centro), essentially a living room in the historic centre, a stone’s throw from Piazza Cavour, surrounded by local and trendy wine bars, immersed in a friendly atmosphere and made up of narrow streets and small squares surrounded by its charming history. The tendency to meet at the Vecchia Pescheria and in the adjacent “Piazzetta delle Poveracce” (called Piazza San Gregorio on a map, but in Rimini everyone knows of its other name) has exploded with the opening of the University in Rimini that has brought over 5 thousand students from all over Italy to the capital of tourism. Within a few years, the taverns, restaurants and trendy places in this picturesque corner of the city, have sprung metres away from each other to become a meeting point for thousands of young people who meet for an aperitif, a snack, or a concert, but also to read a book in the old bookshop Libreria Riminese.

In this corner of Rimini, the trendy place to hangout is within its history: a kind of room that is almost completely covered and filled with shops and the latest places to be. There are butchers, delicatessens, bakers, spice shops, bookshops and antique shops, but also restaurants and pubs, taverns and bars: from a cappuccino to an aperitif to full blown lunch. You can eat, drink and chat, surrounded by walls that makes antiquity seem even more friendly. 

A peculiarity: in the poetic square of Gregorio da Rimini there is the oldest bookshop in the city: Libreria Riminese (which is open in the evenings in the summer) and at number 4 there is the house where Giovanni Pascoli (1855) lived as a school student.