An unusual walk among the MURALES in Rimini

Published on: 9 November 2020

Among the districts of Rimini, 'Borgo San Giuliano' is undoubtedly the best known as it was made famous by Federico Fellini, who loved this old corner of the city beyond the port. Risen around the year 1000, it was the ancient fishermen's quarter and today in these streets you can still find the typical atmosphere told by the great director. It is definitely worth taking a tour in that labyrinth of streets and discovering the murals dedicated to the Maestro and his films, painted on the colorful houses of the villagers.

The tradition of murals here dates back to the early 1980s, on the occasion of one of the first festival organized to keep alive the soul of this ancient place. On that occasion, instead of the usual photographic exhibition, it was decided to paint the most representative characters, who lived in this village, on the walls of the houses, offering a glimpse of the reality on the history of this neighborhood. This tradition has been maintained over time and now these original Murals tell the story of the Borgo from the 1900s till nowadays and at the same time they have become a tribute to the great Master Federico Fellini who included several typical characters in his cinematographic masterpieces.

The first murals were painted on the older houses, some of these have been lost or covered by subsequent renovations, others still exist or can be seen in the photographs of the time. On the occasion of the last Festa de 'Borg, in 2020, new murales appeared, thanks to some painters, who embellished the walls of the houses with new paintings inspired by the great filmmaker from Rimini. Among these, the work of Agim Sulaj who painted an entire wall with the image of Fellini surrounded by some of his unforgettable characters. Or the 'grandfather' coming out of a fog, an image used by Fellini and revisited by the artist Kiril Cholakov. Another artist who has enriched the village with new murals is Mauro Dallonda, a regular participant of the festival, who was called to re-propose his first lost paintings.

In this atmosphere full of poetry you can also take the opportunity to savor the typical flavors of Romagna cuisine, thanks to the many restaurants and bistrots that dot the village ... a stone's throw from the Tiberius bridge and the suggestive Piazza sull'acqua, where another splendid mural stands out on the walls next to the two thousand year old bridge. It is the work of an important international artist, Ericailcane, which represents the Romagna rooster and the peacock, two protagonists of the history of the city: the rooster, a very widespread decorative element considered the symbol of Romagna par excellence, and the peacock, which refers to the Amarcord sequence when the animal opens its wheel on the Pigna fountain in Cavour square.

Also a walk on the riverside of artists (Lungofiume degli Artisti) is not to be missed. It overlooks the canal of the Marecchia river diverter, an unusual place full of poetry, to be discovered by walking or cycling among the murals that tell the history of the place - images of sea life and characters - and the trabucchi, the characteristic fishermen's houses built on stilts by the sea.

But street art in Rimini can also be found inside a church, as in the case of the church of San Martino in Riparotta, "frescoed" by Davide Eron Salvadei, an Italian artist among the most successful exponents of international street spray art. Although a little out of the way, the church is worth a visit. The work on the celing of the church, which measures more than 50 square meters, represents a real turning point in pictorial ecclesiastic iconography, consecrating an art that, until recently, had been the subject of "universal prejudice" ... Since 2014 the church has also hosted the first example of religious iconography in comics: the eight columns of the church come to life illustrated by the cartoonist from  Rimini, Mabel Morri, who tried to express in images the most important episodes in the life of San Martino. (the church is located in Via S. Martino in Riparotta, 33, Rimini. Open on Sunday morning or by appointment: +39 0541.1780516)