Motorway A14 Bologna-Rimini-Ancona-Bari-Taranto

It is usually called the Autostrada Adriatica or the Autostrada del Mare. It starts in Bologna, connecting the North and South of Italy. 
The A1 links Milan to Rome, via Bologna and Florence. For anyone travelling towards the Riviera di Rimini, there are connections between the A1 and A14 in Bologna. From the South: the A14 goes down right to Bari and Taranto.

Routes from border crossings:
Rabuiese Pass, Muggia (Trieste) -Padova-Bologna km 316: A4, A13
Coccau Pass, Tarvisio-Udine-Padua-Bologna km 377: A23, A4, A13
Brenner Pass-Bolzano-Bologna km 368: A13, A22
Chiasso-Como-Milan-Bologna km 275: A1
Simplon Pass-Milan-Bologna km 373: A1
Mont Blanc Tunnel, Courmayeur-Alessandria-Piacenza-Bologna km 455: A5, A1
Frejus tunnel, Bardonecchia-Turin-Piacenza-Bologna km 424: A21, A1
Ventimiglia-Genova-Voghera-Piacenza-Bologna km 445: A10 and A1