Rimini - the longest New Year’s eve in the world

A month of music, art, shows, Christmas initiatives and great concerts until the Epiphany

25 November 2023 - 7 January 2024
Multiple Events

The Christmas lights show, the exhibitions, the Christmas markets and the nativity scenes light up the atmosphere of the most awaited holiday, making the whole city shine in a new and welcoming light.
A widespread programme that will kick off with the switching on of the Christmas lights on 25 November, together with the whole Romagna, and will continue with more than 150 appointments that will accompany Rimini and its guests until Epiphany. A month of music, art, shows and Christmas initiatives, with the high point, as per tradition, on 31 December, with plenty of ‘scattered’ New Year’s Eves, from the seaside to the historic centre, that have made 31 December in Rimini one of the trendiest squares in Italy.
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Rimini historic centre and the Marina