Pink Night in Rivazzurra

Weekend Dance - Sounds and colours of music

from Friday 5 to sunday 7 July 2024

from 9.00 pm

Multiple Events

In Rivazzurra, Pink Night is celebrated with three evenings dedicated to colours, sounds and music. An opportunity to dance and sing together under a starry sky to the rhythm of ‘weekend dance’.
Each Pink Night evening features musical groups accompanied by dancers performing in costumes typical of their music. Three evenings for three different types of music, from the sound of the accordion or saxophone to that of the electric guitar or drums with breathtaking swing to the American farmhouse banjo with its penetrating sounds.
People will dance polkas, mazurkas, waltzes, ballroom dancing and typical dances from late 19th century Romagna in typical costumes: from the Romagna whips (Sciucarein) to the country dances of the American lands in typical herdsman costumes to modern dances from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, including hard rock or melodic funk, for a mix of colours and sounds.
In particular, folk music will be on stage on Friday 5 July, music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s on Saturday, and country music and dancing on Sunday with the Cadillac Ranch group and the Free to Dance dance school.
There will be two meeting points: the Rivazzurra Gardens, in viale Regina Margherita, in front of Bagni 120 to 128 and in front of Bagni 108 to 110.
Organised by the Rivazzurra Tourist Committee.


Rimini - Rivazzurra - Gardens in Viale Regina Margherita in front of Bagni from 120 to 128 and from 108 to 110
Cadillac Ranch
Fuori tempo a Rivazzurra
Balli country Cadillac Ranch