DesAIgn. Design with artificial intelligence

A unique sensorial experience, curated by Poliarte in collaboration with Mirco Tangherlini.

from 14 September to 15 October 2023

An exhibition that transcends conventional limits, to immerse oneself in a universe where shapes and colours come to life through the extraordinary synergy between man and artificial intelligence, exploring a domain where art and technology dance in an unprecedented embrace.
"DesAIgn" is not just an exhibition, but a sensory experience, unique, realised by Poliarte in collaboration with Mirco Tangherlini, graphic designer and illustrator, artist, whose works will remain on display at the Fellini Museum, Palazzo del Fulgor, for a month.
Each work is a journey, a journey into the unimaginable, guided by the artist's vision and the precision of artificial intelligence. This fusion creates art that not only touches the eyes but reaches directly to the soul. 
'DesAIgn' is a bold plunge into the future of art, an exciting journey that pushes visitors beyond their expectations.


Rimini, Fellini Museum, Palazzo del Fulgor

Additional information

"DesAIgn" is an initiative of Poliarte - Academy of Fashion, Design and Cinema - based on the protocol signed with the Municipality of Rimini, Fellini Museum for the realisation of cultural and popular events on the subject of Cinema.
The Academy has always been attentive to change and innovation and has been working for some time on this complex and controversial subject in order to offer its students contents and training models that are always suitable for the professions of the future.

For further information, please contact Diego Giacchetti at or by phone at 3510522629