Acquario di Cattolica

It is the largest aquarium on the Adriatic Sea and the second in Italy, and it combines culture, education, excitement and fun in an unique experience indicated to all ages. The Aquarium has four covered paths where over 3,000 animals, of 400 different species, are hosted: sharks, penguins, otters, turtles, stingrays, jellyfish, chameleons and many other marine and terrestrial animals.

In the Aquarium in Cattolica you can admire the baby hammer sharks, visit the nursery of sea turtles, follow a path entirely dedicated to exotic animals and Humboldt penguins. It is the only Italian Aquarium to host the Asian otters, so tender and playful, as well as the Cuvier's dwarf caiman and the Piranha herbivores.

The interaction is one of the goals of the Aquarium: so you can try the experience of stroking the purple stingrays with the help of an expert or assist and live the feeding of sharks, penguins, otters and purple stingrays, together with the biologists. In the large aquarium, with over 700 thousand liters of seawater, are housed 11 specimens of sharks, including the biggest bull sharks in Italy.

In the Aquarium of Cattolica you can live the unique experience to be "face to face" with the sharks. an initiative now accessible to everyone thanks to new breathing equipment that allows visitors to enjoy direct contact with sharks (protected by a steel cage and in maximum security).

Info: Piazza delle Nazioni 1 / A - Cattolica (Rimini) - Tel. +39 0541/8371 -
Info Line Ticket Office +39 0541 53399