Marina Centro

The central promenade area

The area where Piazza Fellini is currently located, beside the Grand Hotel, is the heart of resort Rimini: the first Bathing Establishment was built here in 1843 as a result of the impetus given by Counts Alessandro and Ruggero Baldini and Claudio Tintori. 
The famous Professors Paolo Mantegazza and Augusto Murri were responsible for the development of health and hygiene-related vocations. In 1872 the new building that would welcome bathers was erected and was later named the Kursaal.

The town plan itself changed, with the new boulevard (now called Viale Principe Amadeo) connecting the city centre to the seaside area. Important infrastructures came into being: the Municipal Theatre in Piazza Cavour in 1857 and the station on the Bologna-Ancona railway line in 1861. Then, in the new century, tourism catering to the élite (the golden age of the Grand Hotel began in 1908) gave way to a more family oriented type of tourism between 1920 and 1930. The development which took place after World War II and included the nearby localities,  is well known history.