A woman signs the rimini 2010 sea bathing poster

Published on: 28 January 2015
For the first time in the history of Rimini’s seabathing posters, it is the artistic sensibility of a woman that gives shape and colours to the testimonial image of the next summer season. Francesca Ghermandi, known as the most preminent female presence in the field of Italian illustration and cartoon, has been chosen by the Municipal Administration in order to create the new advertising image of Rimini summer 2010.

The chromatic richness and the elegant sign of the author, recalling the best examples in the long history of graphics which have entered, by now, the collective imagination, show all the modernity of the new dimension of Rimini: a city that has the sea and the summer as its natural vocation, but at the same time it is also a location “with multiple dimensions”, where there is the space for other visions beyond the sea.

Innovating the design of classic representation (that appears in the choice of the subject of “ the siren “, as well as in the red tail of the famous dolphin represented by Marcello Dudovich on the beach poster of the year 1922) Franesca Ghermandi invents a new space of liberty , fantasy and irony, putting a 3D pair of glasses on an undeceived siren with the face of a seashell, as the author explains:<>

After the seductive painting by Milo Manara, the pop design by Jovanotti, the mixed technique by Luca Giovagnoli, the conceptual photography by Morosini, the “ tribal” recall by Pablo Echaurenn, the play on words by Alessandro Bergonzoni, it is the type of illustration , filtered for the first time by the sensibility of a woman, that characterizes the tourist promotion campaign, that every year, at the beginning of the Easter period, wants to invite and to pass a message of welcome to Rimini through posters, postcards, publicity and other materials of tourist information realised by the Tourist Department of Rimini Municipality.

Through this design Francesca Ghermandi officially enters the gallery of famous personalities who – from the year 2000 up to now – have represented Rimini giving an ideal prosecution to the famous tradition that, from the 20ies of XX century, included beach advertisement images regarding the city of Rimini realized by artists such as Marcello Dudovich; Adolfo Busi, Alberto Bianchi, Ugo Nespolo, Milton Glaser, Renè Gruau.

The design technique is by drawing pen and graphite, following the old tradition without using the computer. The original copy will be part of the property of Rimini Municipality and will be on show in the Museum of the city with the previous realizations.

Francesca Ghermandi was born in 1964 in Bologna, where she lives and works. Daughter of the sculptor Quinto and the painter Romana Spinelli, she has begun to draw when she was a child. After the classic degree, in 1983 she began University, Faculty of Architecture, where she remains for some years. At the same time she frequents a course for cartoonists hold by the group Valvoline (Lorenzo Mattotti, Daniele Brolli and others) and by Andrea Pazienza, who let her discover the world of contemporary author cartoons. She debuted in the second the half of the 80ies and now collaborates for cartoons and illustrations with different publishing houses in Italy and in the foreign countries. Among them we can mention Frigidaire, Manifesto, Comic Art, L’Unità, Linus, Internazionale, Einaudi, Editori riuniti, Mondadori. Among her works: Hiawata Pete (reprint for Cocono press), Helter Skelter (Phoenix), the Wipeout (Fantagraphics books), Pasticca , Grenuord (Coconino press). She has published books for children and realised the animated initials of the biennial cinema of Venice in the year 2006.

Click here to download the high definition 2010 Rimini image