Rimini,'Things to do 2023': a summer at the top level with big names in music, great cultural events and sports

Published on: 12 June 2023

More than 150 appointments including new proposals, confirmations, cultural festivals, a thousand opportunities for sport and entertainment and a common thread with the great names of national and international music: Vasco Rossi, Biagio Antonacci, Skunk Anansie, Anna Calvi, Morgan , Frankie hi nrg, RDS 100% BIG SUCCESSI, La Notte Rosa, Rimini Beach Arena, Lazza, Webboh festival, Balamondo World Music festival, Crossroads, Laura Pausini, Giorgia.

The handbook 'Things to do 2023', as a guideline calendar of the events in Rimini in  2023.
From the exceptional news, such as the date zero of Vasco Rossi tour, the three days of Ultrasuoni music and the first festival dedicated to Gen-Z, to the most awaited confirmations, such as the great musical appointments of the Notte Rosa (Pink Night) and the show signed by Festi Group which return to fill Piazza Malatesta with magic. From great popular events such as the Frecce Tricolori Air Show and Al Meni, the festival of taste with Massimo Bottura, to the return of Sport Dance passing through the voices and faces of entertainment and culture on the Terrazza della Dolce Vita.
There won't be a single day without an extraordinary thing to do in Rimini which, for 2023, offers a program with more than 150 appointments including new proposals, confirmations, cultural festivals, a thousand opportunities for sport and well-being in the open air and above all a year of great music with absolute protagonists of the Italian and international scene such as Vasco Rossi, Biagio Antonacci, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Ligabue, Skunk Anansie, Frankie hi nrg, Lazza and the international DJs of the Rimini Beach Arena, Morgan, Anna Calvi and the contemporary music of Percuotere la mente, RDS 100 % Great successes with music and DJs, the major personalities of the international jazz scene with Crossroads, the Webboh festival, Balamondo World Music festival and, to close the year, two great leading female performers such as Giorgia and LauraPausini.

A long calendar of appointments to browse through in the booklet that has just been printed and made available to the hotels in Rimini and the IAT offices (and also available online Events and initiatives | Rimini tourism).
A year full of events, from a month of April full of exceptional long week-end to the longest New Year's Eve in the world, and much more. A schedule useful to attract the interests of the general public who know that in Rimini they will always find something unique to do.

> Culture
In the year of Fellini's many anniversaries, from the 70th anniversary of 'I Vitelloni' to the 60th anniversary of '8½' and the 40th anniversary of 'E la nave va', passing through  'Amarcord' 50th anniversary, without forgetting the 30th anniversary of the Academy's tribute with the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement, many are the initiatives not to be missed in line with the spirit that has moved the Fellini museum since its conception, starting with the opportunity to reflect on Rimini and its identity, which has its cornerstone in Fellini, with the in-depth conference dedicated to 'I vitelloni' on 13 and 14 April in collaboration with the University of Bologna, with twenty researchers from more than 15 Italian universities who suggest new ideas for reading the film which launched the career of Alberto Sordi together with that of Fellini.
Cinema is the protagonist in Rimini with the fifth edition of La Settima Arte Cinema e Industria, which takes place from April 26 to 30 and which brings the big names of the cinema industry to Rimini, with a program characterized by screenings and previews, master classes and training moments that will culminate with the award ceremony of the "Cinema and Industry 2023" prize, awarded this year to the director of photography and three-time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro, by a jury of experts chaired by the famous director Pupi Avati.
The long-awaited show in Piazza Malatesta is back, capable of transforming the outdoor area of the Fellini Museum into a place where you can dream for six weekends from the end of July. An experience that combines storytelling, music, and performance theater to reach the final destination: the heart of every spectator. A show that tells eternal stories, through magic and amazement, curated by FestiGroup and directed by Monica Maimone.
Also in the historic centre, the festival 'Tickets to friends' returns for the third year, with Marco Missiroli, which celebrates the power of oral storytelling as the fulcrum of contemporary transformation: in Rimini people return to listening to each other live with important voices from the Italian culture panorama, between literature, current events, music and entertainment.
On warm summer evenings, the review curated by journalist Giovanni Terzi 'La Terrazza della Dolce Vita' returns in the splendid setting of the garden of the Grand Hotel where protagonists from the world of cinema, culture, journalism, theater and entertainment will take turns.
In its fourth edition, the event “Places of the soul. Italian film festival”, is inaugurated on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of  Tonino Guerra, poet, writer and screenwriter, and conceived by his son Andrea Guerra to collect the spiritual, cultural and social legacy of his father. The event is created by the Tonino Guerra Association.
From 23 June to the end of July, the Festival of the ancient world arrives with a series of conferences, meetings, round tables, book presentations, guided tours and shows in which to read the past and in order to understand the present and build the future with greater awareness. From 16 to 18 June the only event in Italy aimed at teenage readers, Mare di Libri, the Festival of reading young people returns to the city centre, while Cartoon Club, the International Festival of animated films, comics and cartoons, is back in town and at the beach from 10 to 16 July . The open-air film festival in the heart of the historic center returns with Cinema under the stars, presenting the best films of the winter season that seeks to mix quality and entertainment, reflection and lightness, and also some previews. The Visible Cities, theater and music festival, will performe and entertain both in conventional and unconventional places from 23 August to 15 September..

> Music
Music in all its forms will be the leitmotiv of Rimini's summer 2023: from the prestigious batons of the Sagra Malatestiana to the most awaited major musical events such as the Notte Rosa and 105 Tezenis Summer Festival, or up to the Rimini Beach Arena, the large stage on the Miramare beach that will host international artists for concerts  and DJ sets with Italian and International artists such as the rapper Lazza.
From 26 June to 9 July, the music of RDS 100% Grandi Successi, Radio Partner of the summer, is back, with two weeks of radio and tv live from Piazzale Kennedy and Dj-sets at the aperitif time, with the voices of Claudio Guerrini and Roberta Lanfranchi.
Six are the appointments with the new music sounds of Percuotere la mente, that range between different genres and latitudes and which start on June 25 with a tribute to Lucio Battisti, in the 80th anniversary of his birth, enlivened by the presence on stage of a refined musician like Morgan, together with other interpreters accompanied by the rhythm of a band and the sound support of a string orchestra. On Sunday 23 July, the London singer-songwriter and guitarist Anna Calvi returns to Percuotere la mente, one of the most popular and fascinating English songwriters on the contemporary scene.
Among the 2023 novelties, the Webboh Fest arrives in Piazzale Fellini on Saturday 5 August, the first festival dedicated to Gen-Z and created by the webboh.it community, which brings to the stage in Fellini square the singers and creators most beloved by the very young. The festival is preceded the day before by the Live Show + Meet&Greet of the EFFE BROS, two of the strongest youtubers of the moment.
The Artists' park on the banks of the Marecchia river, in Vergiano di Rimini is an arena in the middle of greenery that throughout the summer stages a program ranging from concerts to theater in all its forms: cabaret, dance performances and monologues.
In August, the Balamondo World Music Festival, the artistic project by Mirko Casadei, returns to the new scenography of the canal port, which for so many years had hosted Casadei's La Nave del Sole. Above the boats the sounds of Romagna folk are contaminated with other musical genres, on the pier the public dances, accompanied by the sounds of the POPular Folk Orchestra, together with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

> Food, tradition and sport
The historic boats Vele al Terzo of Romagna will inaugurate the traditional summer events on June 10 with the display of historic equipment for fishing. On that same weekend, the national acrobatic team 'Frecce Tricolori' will perform spectacular aerobatics, with rehearsals on June 9 and with the official Air show on June 10, in the year in which the founding of Air Force celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary. 
The following weekend, the circus market of flavors and dreams 'Al meni' also returns to Rimini with chef Massimo Bottura who, celebrates the tenth edition of the festival of taste together with chefs, artisans, cheesemakers, farmers, fishermen, musicians and artists under the marquee in Piazzale Fellini.
Under the sign of sport and health, Rimini Wellness, the event par excellence dedicated to fitness, sport, well-being and healthy eating, this year opens to the whole city with Rimini Wellness OFF, starting the sporting events of the summer. One of the new features will be the first edition of 'Sandrimini', the 3 VS 3 tournament scheduled from 30 June to 2 July at the Parco del Mare playground with Carlton Myers who is back on the field as an exceptional testimonial.
On the playground in Piazzale Kennedy, street basketball will be the protagonist of the last weekend in July with two important Red Bull events and a series of activities created and organized for the MOAB Court Experience.

The 2023 to-do calendar is available in browsable digital version.

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