Rimini more and more Wedding Destination

Published on: 16 August 2022

If Rimini has always been the place where Cupid loves to shoot his arrows, today the city has also become the place where dreams of love are crowned. 10 are the locations where it is possible to celebrate weddings and civil unions: an opportunity for the newlyweds and for those who have to organize their wedding. Lately new prestigious venues such as the PART, the Fulgor Cinema and the Villa des Vergers have enriched the list.

The PART - Palazzi dell'Arte, the contemporary art museum inaugurated in August 2020, includes two historic buildings in the ancient heart of the city. The rites are celebrated in the Arengo room, on the first floor, overlooking Piazza Cavour and which houses the Last Judgment by Giovanni da Rimini, a rare fresco from the 1300s, as well as interesting contemporary works. The presence of masterpieces of such importance makes the location particularly suitable for intimate ceremonies.
In addition there is also the Giardino del Part, a precious garden, conceived as an extension of the PART exhibition path, an open space adjacent to the Arengo Palace overlooking Piazza Malatesta and now open also for the celebration of weddings.

Villa des Vergers is a rich and majestic neoclassical mansion in the hills, one of the few Rimini examples of French architecture from the Napoleon III period. The charm and elegance of the rooms combined with the historical value of the structure make it the ideal setting for particularly sophisticated wedding ceremonies and receptions. The ritual can be celebrated in the internal rooms of the Villa, as well as in the large park, designed by Pietro Porcinai, one of the greatest landscape architects of the 1900s.

The Fulgor Cinema contains all the signs of Federico Fellini's poetics. On the ground floor, the two cinema halls Federico and Giulietta, just restored, retrace the Hollywood style of the 1930s, wanted by the set designer Dante Ferretti, collaborator and close friend of Fellini. The rites are celebrated in the Federico room, with a highly evocative atmosphere, where the bride and groom take a seat on the cinema stage.

In addition to the aforementioned, we remind you that it is also possible to celebrate weddings at the Galli Theater, Castel Sismondo, Museum of the City, and in the sea area at the Palazzina Roma, Grand Hotel, House of weddings on the beach (Piazzale Boscovich marina centro) and Riminiterme.

In 2021, despite the complexity of the period, 28 weddings were celebrated: 9 at the City Museum, 8 at the Marriage House, 6 at the Grand Hotel, 2 at the Fulgor, 2 at the Rome building and one to the Villa Des Vergers. The origin of the spouses is also interesting: out of 28 couples, 11 come from outside the city and among these, 3 from abroad.

For information: www.visitrimini.com/rimini-wedding-destination

PART: sala del Giudizio Universale
Villa des Vergers
Teatro Galli
Castel Sismondo
Grand Hotel
Casa dei matrimoni in spiaggia