Rimini ‘lights up’ the longest New Year’s Eve worldwide

Published on: 24 November 2022

From 3 December, over 150 events in one month, and the great, unique international show on 31 December: the fire on the Malatesta Castle, with music performances in 10 squares and venues of the city centre, with DJs and guests: Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, Kelly Joyce with the Gioacchino Rossini Orchestra from Pesaro, Paradiso Reunion DJs with Gianni Morri, Max Padovani, Paolo Nhe, Michelino & Paolino Zanetti and Mark Lanzetta, Radio RDS 100% Grandi Successi with Roberta Lanfranchi and Claudio Guerrini, DJs Satellite, Nunez and Naps, Ricky Montanari, Niconote live, the Club Paradiso duo, Labiuse, Carebears, DJ Max Monti, Rimini Academy Deejay. And also Lorenzo Semprini, Alessio Raffaelli and Massimo Marches, Trio Schuman

A widespread New Year’s Eve in ten places of the historical centre, which come together to embrace the heart of Piazza Malatesta, where the extraordinary show of the Fire at the Castle will be staged, among fire cascades and colours.

This is the most awaited event of the  “Capodanno più lungo del mondo” festival, where all eyes will look up in marvel and hope, awaiting for the new year, light up by the scenic effects created to make Sigismondo Malatesta’s Castle shimmer in all its beauty, among fire cascades, colourful trails and intermittent fires, with over 1000 light effects in different colours and shapes, in tune with the music.

The entire city - united by a widespread musical belt, ranging between all sounds and touching all the venues - will accompany the fire show (which will be staged first at half past midnight, and then at 2:00 am). Piazza Cavourpiazza Malatesta, Teatro Galli and Teatro degli Atti, the Library courtyard and the new wing of the Museo della Città, the Part- Palazzi dell'Arte, the Surgeon’s House and the city museum. Every venue will showcase a different artistic and musical offer.

After two years in a minor version, due to the pandemic, this year, the entire city of Rimini is once again the star of the New Year’s Eve holidays, with a packed program of music, dj sets, lights and culture, with some of the best artists around, for an event in the sign of quality music. From hip hop to electronic music by popular rapper Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, in DJ version this time, who will also perform some of his hits live, to Kelly Joyce’s pop-jazz and swing repertoire, accompanied by the musicians of the Gioacchino Rossini Orchestra from Pesaro, Paradiso Reunion with DJs from historical Rimini clubs, such as Gianni Morri, Max Padovani, Paolo Nhe, Michelino & Paolino ZanettiMark Lanzetta, DJ Max Monti and Rimini Academy Deejay, the rock sounds of Satellite DJs, and the Latin notes of Nunez and Grancaribe, dj sets by Ricky MontanariNiconote live, the Club Paradiso duo, Labiuse, Carebears. Radio RDS 100% Grandi Successi with the presenters Roberta Lanfranchi and Claudio Guerrini entertains the audience towards the midnight toast. At the City Museum 'Art toast' with classical music, while acoustic music will be played at the Surgeon’s House. A long night of music, with ten city venues lighted by the fire at the castle.

> The festival starts on 3 December
The “Capodanno più lungo del mondo” program lasts more than one month, starting on Saturday 3 December with the lighting of the Christmas lights. Eighty km of lights, with 7 different kinds of decorations and 12 different kinds of 3D ground structures, will light up Christmas all over Rimini, from Miramare to Torre Pedrera, passing through the districts and the historical centre. The lighting effects, with low-consumption technology (LED), will be turned on for a reduced period -from 4:30 pm to midnight - in the entire city, including some new streets and squares up to the San Vito, Gaiofana, Santa Giustina and Corpolò districts.

Traditional lights, warm white, red and gold, will light up Piazza Cavour with a roof of stars, the great Plantain next to the Galli Theatre, and the trees in the Square of Dreams. There will also be a big Christmas Tree in Piazza Tre Martiri, and 3D Angels at the Arch of Augustus. Christmas light compositions on the railway station square will give a warm welcome to those arriving in the city, while a bright sail boat will light up Piazzale Boscovich, between the beach and the dock. As backdrop, the ice skating rink and the Christmas village in Piazzale Fellini, which will accompany the holidays.

To light up the Christmas magic, Saturday 3 December, at 5 pm,an evocative countdown - by Piacere Spiaggia Rimini - has officially open 'the longest Year’s Eve in the world' until the Epifany.

> 200 events before the Longest New Year’s Eve
Once the Christmas lights are on, the one-month long program officially starts, with over 150 events, between tradition and contemporaneity: carols under the tree, Christmas concerts, circus shows, ballets and a city ready to welcome its guests offering 400 hotels open during the Christmas holidays, restaurants and shops, and four shuttles to reach the city centre for the shopping sprees.

The calendar starts with a double international event: from 2 to 4 December, Rimini turns into the Dance Sport world’s capital, with the Standard Dance European Championship, the Latin-American Dance World Championship (Youth category), the Standard Senior II World Championship, and the main event, the Standard Adult Dance World Championship, where Italian champions Debora Pacini and Francesco Galuppo compete to win the gold medal.

Also between 2 and 4 December, the Nuovo Palazzo dello Sport (RDS Stadium) hosts the global stars of modern circus, with Le Cirque Alis Christmas – Gala, the international revelation show, with the best of contemporary circus artists, such as acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers, clowns, singers and musicians. On 8 December, the Tempio Malatestiano will host the Christmas Concert for the City of Rimini, with musics, vocals and instruments between the Middle Ages and the 20th century - this year in its 6th edition. Saturday 17 December at Teatro Amintore Galli, during the 73rd Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, the awaited return of Riccardo Muti directing the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, three years after the exceptional appearance of the Teatro Galli stage, for the opening of the 70th Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, this time with a passionate execution of Verdi’s Requiem Mass. Waiting for Christmas, the historical centre will liven up at night too, with a special Shopping Night - Christmas Edition on 23 December, with all stores open until 11 pm. An occasion to meet, toast with your friends, buy the last gifts, among drinks, entertainment, music and culture.

> 31 December, between 10 spaces united by music and by the magic of the Castle Fire
On 31 December, there will be a long, widespread night with open and free museums from 9 pm to 2 am: Palazzo del Fulgor, Part - Palazzi dell'Arte, Galli Theatre, Surgeon’s House and City Museum, with then different venues in the city centre, each one with a different artistic suggestion.

On Malatesta square on stage the vocal and musical energy of Kelly Joyce, French by birth and Romagnola by right, popular throughout the world for her “Vivre la vie”, accompanied by the Gioacchino Rossini Orchestra of Pesaro, and by a top-level band, to perform a pop-jazz and swing repertoire, with excursions into Italian and French traditional songs.  Waiting for midnight, Frankie hi-nrg mc - an eclectic artist who made commitment and versatility its own style - in DJ version, will showcase a rap/hip hop and electronic music selection, ranging between famous hits, hidden underground treasures, and a few of his hits LIVE. After the midnight bell, Piazza Malatesta will host the Castle on Fire show - a unique event during which the Malatesta Castle will be the star of magic and dreams, colourful lights, smoke and fire cascades, with scenic effects (two shows, at half past midnight and at 2 am). The night will end with the Satellite crew, with its rock-style notes, for a musical journey ranging from the 1970s to today, contaminated by electronic, psychedelic and alternative Italian influences.

In Cavour Square, nearby, on stage a DJ set guided by the popular names who left their mark in the Italian clubbing evolution. From happy hour to nights, the musical program will go over the last 30 years of dance hits, in a modern version, with the official Paradiso Reunion DJs - Gianni Morri, Max Padovani, Paolo Nhe, Michelino & Paolino Zanetti - supported by international artists, such as trumpeter Stefano Serafini, drummer Luca Florian and electronic violinist Mark Lanzetta. The Academy Deejay di Rimini will open the night, in Piazza Cavour, with DJs and performers formed at the Music Academy Rimini, who went on to become professionals, performers, musicians and national guests. The backdrop will become the 1990s with DJ Max Monti and the Rimini Academy Deejay for a Live DJ Set with international Italian and international 1990s hits. Midnight in Piazza Cavour will be accompanied by RDS 100% Grandi Successi, the official radio of Rimini’s 2023 New Year’s Eve, with radio hosts  Roberta Lanfranchi and Claudio Guerrini, who will lead the audience to the midnight toast and beyond, to celebrate the new year with a dj set in full 100% Grandi Successi’s style, and many gadgets for participants.

In the Ala Moderna of the Museo della città, a special sound homage to Rimini’s Riviera Club Culture, which, over time, changed based on taste and trends, and which has always stood out for its uniqueness, insomuch so it has become an international reference model, with some of its top DJs performing: Niconote live, Ricky Montanari, the Club Paradiso duo, Labiuse, Carebears for a New Year’s Eve in the sign of music quality.

Latin atmospheres at Teatro degli Atti with the Grancaribe staff and dj sets by Rafael Nuñez and dj Naps, from 10:30 pm. A dancing journey from Antilles to Southern American, through their dances and folklore. The show will feature Cuban, Brazilian and Dominican dancers, in capoeira, Argentinian tango, current Latin music, Dembow and Reggaeton.

At Teatro Galli, in the Ressi Hall, a night dedicated to Jazz music, while the Courtyard of the Gambalunga Library, will be light up by a video illumination with evocative lights and sounds.

Open doors on modern and contemporary art at Part – Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini: in the historical Arengo and Podestà buildings, overlooking the central Piazza Cavour, where you will admire the contemporary artworks collected by the Fondazione San Patrignano and take part in a special themed photoshoot by the famous photographer Enrico De Luigi.

Unavoidable, just like every year, the midnight toast at the City Museum, where the Hall of Justice will host the Trio Schumann concert with Silvia Marini (Flute), Aldo Maria Zangheri (Viola), Monica Micheli (Harp). Among the Surgeon’s House mosaics, Lorenzo Semprini, Alessio Raffaelli and Massimo Marches showcase "Rimini/New York: Redemption songs”, a show reinterpreting the songs that explore the topic of dreams, acoustically and alone.

The cultural New Year’s Ece continues until 2 am, with extraordinary night openings of the Museums, with free access from 9 pm to 2 pm at Palazzo del Fulgor, Part, Teatro Galli, Domus and Museo della città.

And to greet the new year, from the Teatro Galli’s stage, Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ (on 1 January 2023 at 5:30 pm, on 3 and 5 January at 8:30 pm) with the Coro Lirico Città di Rimini Amintore Galli, accompanied by Rimini’s Orchestra da Camera, directed by Concert Master Stefano Pecci, Chorus Master Marcello Mancini,and directed by Paolo Panizza.


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Il Capodanno più lungo del mondo is an event created by the Municipality of Rimini and promoted by Apt Servizi Emilia Romagna, Visit Romagna and the Chamber of Commerce.

Gold sponsors: Ieg and Gruppo Hera

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