REgeneration Rimini

Published on: 28 January 2015
Large fuchsia colored snails have arrived in the city. Rimini is an important step in the REgeneration project which began its “tour” in Milan at the end of last year.
The snails represent three metaphors: the listening because it recalls the "form" of the human ear, the living because it brings its house with it, the modern technology of graphics because it refers to the communication networks. But the project REgeneration by the Cracking Art Group has also another important value: the snails are made of recyclable plastic for an ethically responsible approach to the environment.
For the first time, together with the installation of the snails, there is an exhibition which illustrates the work of all individual members of the group in order to show all aspects of this artistic movement.
In addition to the exhibition with video there is a photographic documentation of the fuchsia snails in Rimini province, made by Chicco De Luigi and Mauro Ugolini. 

The exhibition in Palazzo dell'Arengo is open every day from 1st July to 1st August 2010 
from 6 to midnight 
Entrance free
The snails can also be admired in Piazza Tre Martiri, Piazza CAvour, Arco d'Augusto, Piazzale Fellini