Ferragosto in Rimini: a party lasting a week

Published on: 9 August 2022

For the week leading up to August 15th, many are the things to do in Rimini, from the historic center to the seaside. The protagonists will be once again: music, dreams, cinema, cultural events, guided tours, but also initiatives for families and sports activities in many places in the city.


From 12 to 15 August  2022
piazza Malatesta - Rimini historic centre
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Show in the square with lights, music and flying coreographies
A big show in Piazza Malatesta will transform the outdoor of Museo Fellini into a place where you can dream an eternal present, with a huge event for children and adults who don't want to grow up. Green areas will become Kensington Gardens; water fountains will turn into the gardens' lake - the Serpentine - where the adults' boat will sail, with sailboats crossing the sky. The Tower will become an island - the Birds' Island.   From the end of June to mid-August, a live show with flying choreographies, images, music and words will bring magic and astonishment to this dream square, by FestiGroup with Monica Manimone's Direction.
At 9.30pm and at 10.30pm
On the evenings of performances, the Fellini Museum, Galli Theater and the PART - Palazzi dell’arte Rimini will be open to the public extraordinarily 8 pm to midnight, with free admission.

Saturday 13 August 2022
Free Beach, Viale Principe di Piemonte, 56/62 Rimini
Rimini Beach Arena: CircoLoco
Appointment with Circoloco, the Ibizan party scheduled every Monday in the famous DC10 club, which lands on the Rimini Beach Arena with national and international DJs.
On stage: Maceo Plex, Mochakk, Peggy Gou, Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers and Sossa.
Tickets are available at: www.ticketsms.it/event/CIRCOLOCO13AGOSTORIMINI
From 4.00pm  to 1.00am. Fee payablr. Info: +39 335 5645740 www.riminibeacharena.com

Sunday 14 August 2022
Rimini beach Arena, via Principe di Piemonte, 56/62 - Rimini Miramare
Social Music City Rimini on The Beach
With Paul Kalkbrenner, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Salmo, Armonica e Brina Knauss

The greatest techno DJs on the Rimini beach.
Rimini Beach Arena becomes the theater of the biggest underground event of the whole season, with a top-level lineup thanks to artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, main protagonist of the evening, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Salmo, Armonica and Brina Knauss.
Tickets are available on www.ticketnation.it
From 4.00pm Fee payable Info: www.riminibeacharena.com

Monday 15 August 2022
Rimini Beach Arena, via Principe di Piemonte, 56/62 - Rimini Miramare
Random, a random party
Random, a random party, is the first and only random party in Italy, on the beach of the RImini Beach Arena.
The event has only one fundamental rule: dress randomly. Only in this way is it possible to receive the official Random gadgets: t-shirts, glasses, lollipops and much more ...
To cheer the evening the rappers VillaBanks and Bresh, to celebrate the most random Ferragosto ever. The songs among the greatest hits of all time are played at random.
Official Playlist click on bit.ly/Playlistacaso
From 6.00pm  Fee payable. Tickets are available on www.ticketsms.it   Info: +39 335 5645740

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Free Beach, viale Principe di Piemonte, 56/62 Rimini
Rimini Beach Arena: Deejay Time
AdvenTour 2022 with Albertino, Molella, Fargetta e Prezioso

The program that made the history of Italian radio on the Rimini Beach Arena with a new live show: AdvenTour 2022.
A complete Deejay Time with Albertino, Molella, Fargetta and Prezioso.
The historic DJs of the famous Radio DeeJay, all together, are ready to make you dance to the notes of the most famous hits of the 90s and dance music.
time 6.00pm Free entrance  Info: +39 335 5645740 www.riminibeacharena.com


All events

Every Wednesday 2022
Rimini historic centre
Rimini Shopping Night
Every Wednesday in the historic center with shops open until late
In summer, on Wednesday evenings, in the historic center the shops keep open their doors at extra times with special prices, between aperitifs and entertainment.
An opportunity to experience the city and go shopping even on summer evenings.
Until 11.30 Info: www.facebook.com/riminishoppingnight/

Every Wednesday until 31 August 2022
Mercato coperto, via Castelfidardo, 15 - Rimini historic centre
La Magnèda
Dinner at the indoor food market in Rimini on summer Wednesdays

The historic centre becomes the protagonist of the summer evenings, an event, now in its fifth edition, organized by the operators of the indoor food market located in the heart of the city.
The dinners are prepared with the products of the market, and are enlivened by musical entertainment such as DJ sets, live groups ...
A moment of leisure and fun for all ages.
Time: 6.00pm - 11pm.00

Thursday 11 August 2022
Arena Francesca da Rimini, piazza Francesca da Rimini - Rimini historic centre
SGR Live: Quartetto Eos: from Bach to Led Zeppellin
In the splendid setting of Castelsismondo, a concert in the morning by the Eos Quartet .A sort of game in which classic instruments such as violin, flute, viola and cello interpret rock songs.The show begins with some reinterpretations of the cornerstones of the classical music repertoire including the famous Aria sulla quarta corda by J.S. Bach to suddenly move on to Piazzolla's tangos and milongas and famous soundtracks by Morricone and John Williams.The last part of the concert with great rock classics arranged for the Eos quartet, such as Sweet Child of Mine by Guns'n Roses, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, some masterpieces by Queen such as Bohemien Rapsody, Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles, until the Eighties with Sting's masterpieces.Grand finale with Led Zeppelin's timeless Stairway to Heaven.
9.30pm.  Free entrance. Info: www.facebook.com/pg/GruppoSGR

Friday 12 August 2022
Vergiano di Rimini, Parco degli Artisti Via Marecchiese 387
A party entirely dedicated to the greatest dance pop and radio hits of the 90s. An exciting and explosive show  with a Live Band, a Frontman, two DJs and "MAS FLOW" animation. € 10 ticket can be purchased on the spot, with a free beer! Event in collaboration with the Isolani Spettacoli Agency.
Time: 9.30pm Info: +39 327 8475142 (Whatsapp and phone call from 5-00pm to 7.00pm) and Facebook Parco degli Artisti Rimini.

Saturday 13 August 2022
Vergiano di Rimini, Parco degli Artisti Via Marecchiese 387
A tutta Birra!
First Beer Festival at the Parco degli Artisti in Rimini. Over 20,000 square meters on the banks of the Marecchia river where you can toast in company and listen to beautiful music from 6.00 pm onwards.
At 9.00pm, 2 concerts with free entrance:
- Dino Gnassi Band, at Ristorante Notevolo;
- Vergian Reggae, at Chiosco Il Casotto.
At 10pm the party culminate in the concert of Michele Luppi's Mr Pig, with a Hard Rock repertoire that ranges from classics such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n' Roses, Bon Jovi, to goodies such as Mr Big and Dream Theater. The Mr Pig concert will be held in the Arena Spazio Spettacoli SGR and will be the only paid event, with admission € 10 including a free beer, ticket that can be purchased on the spot. Book your dinner table in advance (preferably via whatsapp) in the two rooms of the Parco degli Artisti:
-Ristorante Notevolo (tel. +39 347 7917684),
-Chiosco piadineria-crostineria Il Casotto (tel. +39 327 4115353).

Sunday14 August 2022
Vergiano di Rimini, Parco degli Artisti Via Marecchiese 387
Doctor Luba in concert
Music with the Doctor Luba in concert 
8.30pm.Casotto table reservation at +39 327 4115353 (preferably Whatsapp) compulsory drink, opening 7.30 pm. Show supplement 4 €.
Casotto Live, Parco degli Artisti Via Marecchiese 387 Vergiano di Rimini

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Arena Francesca da Rimini, piazza Francesca da Rimini - Rimini historic centre
SGR Live: Lorenzo Semprini & 44 Band: Tra la via Emilia e il West
In the splendid setting of Castelsismondo, concert by Lorenzo Semprini, the Rimini singer-songwriter who offers the songs of his latest album entitled 44: reinterpretation of Bruce Springsteen, Damien Rice, Gaslight Anthem, Francesco De Gregori and others, with a band of 7 elements including Massimo Marches, Elisa Semprini, Fabrizio Flisi.
For the realization of the album 22 musicians were involved including Federico Mecozzi, Vanessa Peters, Alex Valle, Massimo Marches, Diego Sapignoli, Elisa Semprini, Antonio Gramentieri, Daniele Tenca.
9.30pm Free entrance. Info: www.facebook.com/pg/GruppoSGR/

Until Sunday 28 August 2022 
Rimini, Parco della Serra Cento Fiori, ingressi da via Galliano, 19 e via Padre Tosi
Marecchia Social Fest 
Music and entertainment by the Cento Fiori Cooperative which offers a summer of music and entertainment, with a full calendar of events including concerts, book presentations, films, cartoons and even a rock contest for youth bands. On Sunday 14 August at 9 pm  concert by Filippo Malatesta. From 7 pm the food stand is open.
Info: www.facebook.com/CooperativaSocialeCentoFiori 

Every day from June to September 2022
piazza sull'acqua, ponte di Tiberio - Rimini Borgo San Giuliano
Tiberio PicNic
In the splendid setting of the square on the water, overlooking the Tiberius Bridge, Visit Rimini offers a picnic in a large green space, where you can relax and enjoy good food prepared by some restaurants in Borgo San Giuliano. To participate it is only necessary to choose between the proposed menus and the time. For info and reservations www.visitrimini.com/esperienze/299412-tiberio-picnic
From 6.00pm Fee payable Info: +39 0541 53399 info@visitrimini.com 

Until October 2022
piazzale Boscovich, 1 - Rimini zona porto canale
The wheel
The large wheel, which has characterized the tourist skyline of the city for ten years, rises again from piazzale Boscovich. The attraction, fifty meters high overlooking the sea, opens to the public on the Easter weekend and will remain open until the middle of October, accompanying the public on a memorable “air journey” to admire the entire city and the Riviera from Lidi Ferraresi to Gabicce, passing through the hinterland and the sea. Fee payable  Info: info@lagranderuotapanoramica.it 



Until 11 August 2022
Spiaggia di Rimini, Bagni Libra 63 - 63/A e 63/B - 64 - 65, via Lungomare Di Vittorio 8B
Bocce tournament
Pallino D'Oro and individual male and female Master

Phone: +39 338 6104321
Resort: Bagni Libra 63 - 63/A e 63/B - 64 - 65, via Lungomare Di Vittorio 8B - Rimini
The Libra bath resorts organize, as usual, a National Master of bocce for men and women reserved for the cat. A, which sees the participation of National Bocce Champions. The event takes place on Wednesday 10 August..The final is at 10.00pm. On the other evenings in the turn for categories B, C, D, Amateurs and non-members. Tourists and fans of the sport of bocce can therefore participate in the evening competitions. The awards ceremony at 11pm. Every evening from 9.00pm to midnaght. Info: +39 338 6104321

August 2022
Bath resorts from 20 to 150 – Rimini
Un mare di sport / A sea of ​​sport
A widespread event that comes to life on the beach.
For four weeks, 100 micro-sports events are organized in the multi-sports areas, including foot volley, teqball. beach volley and beach tennis matches, open to all sports lovers, whether they are professionals or amateurs.
Un Mare di Sport also includes important solidarity events, organized to raise funds for local charities and local non-profit organizations.
Registrations are possible directly to the baths involved and the calendar of weekly appointments is made known through the social channels. Info: info@spiaggiarimini.net

Until 20 September 2022
Rimini, Circolo Up Tennis di Torre Pedrera
Amateur tennis and padel championship, from Friday to Sunday. UPSUMMERCUP trophy in the final master in September.
Info: www.facebook.com/circolouptennistorrepedrera/

Wednesdays and Saturdays until  3 September 2022
Beach 14 - Rimini Marina Centro
Nordic Walking on the beach
 8,30am and 6,30pm Beach 14 - Marina Centro
9,00am and 6,00pm Beach 51
and every Saturdays:
8,30am Beach 14 - Marina Centro
9,00am Beach 51
Info: +39 320 7433000 tour@lapedivella.com 

Every Sunday from May to October 2022
Rimini, piazza sull’acqua - Ponte di Tiberio
Hatha Yoga Sunday
An opportunity to relax body and mind by practicing traditional Hatha Yoga.
The classes, lasting about 70 minutes, are for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
Book it on whatsapp at +39 393 517466756 or at the link on the Instagram page www.instagram.com/riminiyogi/  Donation

Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning from May to September 2022
Rimini, Beach 26, Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 30/A
Walk on the beach 
A weekly sports activity program for all those who want to keep fit in their free time and want to do it in company. Every Wednesday evening the training is led for an hour by the personal trainer Elen Souza.
You can experience the beach as an open-air gym in a healthy and balanced way between body and mind.
Wednesday 7.15pm and Saturday at 8.00am; from October to April: only Wednesady at 8.30am. Fee payable. Info: +39 348 0981594 info@elensouza.com 

Every week-end of June, July and August 2022
A sea of energy
Metabolic walk on the beach - 1st edition
Over 80 free workouts on the beach of a new discipline, thr Metabolic Walking, which includes walking, boxing and dance movements and which involves sportsmen and others of all ages.
The event, on tour in all the beaches associated with the Beach Operators Cooperative, counts on the participation of two dedicated trainers, creators of the discipline, who conduct sessions open to the public in the evenings and mornings of every Friday, Saturday and every Sunday, for three months.
For information on timetables and reservations Info: +39 0541 389308 info@camminatametabolica.it 

Every Saturday and Weednesday from 4 June to 20 August 2022
Rimini, free beach of San Giuliano - zona Darsena. 
Sup Yoga on the water
Rimini is beach and relax, an opportunity to practice Yoga on the waves, choosing between the energy of the morning with breakfast included and the magic of the sunset with an aperitif on the water.The classes, lasting about 90 minutes, are for both beginners and experienced practitioners. By RiminiYogi. Only 8 seats per class. Reservation via Whatsapp is required +39 331 528 5154.
Saturday 10.00am Wednesday 7.00pm. 20 € including brunch

Every Tuesday from 7 June to 9 August 2022 
Beach 54-55 
FootVolley Championship 
The FootVolley Championship returns to the Rimini beach and continues the whole summer, officially opening the sporting season every Tuesday for ten weeks.
Now a must sport on the Rimini coast, FootVolley is a mix between football and beach volleyball, a discipline that guarantee entertainment for those who practice it and those who watch it.
In Rimini for years, the FootVolley Rimini association collaborates with Piacere Spiaggia Rimini to organize this and other important events, such as Super Cups and BeTable tournaments on the beach.
Info: www.footvolleyrimini.it 

Every Wednesday from 8 June to 28 September 2022
Rimini, Viserba
Fishing offshore in Rimini
Discovering the various types of fishing
An opportunity not only for experienced fishermen, but also for those who have never tried and are curious to have this experience at sea.
The waters of Rimini sea are rich in mackerel, horse mackerel and, with a bit of luck, much more.
Accompanied by a skipper, it is an opportunity to learn about the various types of fishing, including spinning and line fishing, and to spend a pleasant morning fishing in the Adriatic.
For those unwilling to bring their own, groundbait and fishing rods are available.
At 6.00am . fee payable. Info +39 0541 53399 info@visitrimini.com

13 June  – 1 September 2022 (save from 15 to 18 August)
Rimini, Piazza sull'acqua, pedana Piazzale Boscovich, Parco del Mare Miramare
Fluxo Summer
Outdoor workouts led by specialized instructors
Fluxo is a "gym" that allows you to choose between different disciplines to practice outdoors. Classes, held from Monday to Thursday by professional instructors, offer a wide range of activities covering various levels of intensity. Participants can take different courses at different times or always choose the same activity. Info: +39 347-1224480 www.fluxomovement.it

Every Tuesday and Thursday
Rimini, piazza sull’acqua, Ponte di Tiberio
Parkour Start
Running, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling and much more await you in the beautiful setting of the Piazza sull'Acqua in front of the millenary stones of the Tiberius bridge. At the end of the evening, in the midst of nature and history, the instructors explain (in Italian and English) how to make the right movements to feel dynamic and fit. Fee: € 7 adults. 7:00pm. Info and reservations: www.visitrimini.com/esperienze/314626-parkour-start

Every Saturday
viale Tiberio, entrance Parco Marecchia (area Ponte di Tiberio) - Rimini Borgo San Giuliano
Marecchia parkrun
Parkrun organizes timed races of 5 km all around the world, a sport event which is open to everyone.
The run in Rimini is at the Marecchia Park every Saturday morning. Just register on the official website of parkrun and bring with you a printout of the bar code at every race to get the chronometric detection time. The participation is free.
The parkrun is entirely organized by volunteers and a refreshment point will be available to runners with coffee, soft drinks and snacks.
A run together in a green space is fun and it is accessible to all, from beginners to more experienced runners.
Info: marecchiaoffice@parkrun.com 



All year long
Rimini, Piazza Malatesta, Castel Sismondo
Fellini Museum
The largest and most innovative museum in the world dedicated to the genius of Federico Fellini and his poetic legacy, as well as his artistic and visual references to the art of all times. This is the International Federico Fellini Museum, a museum that does not intend to interpret Fellini's cinema as a finished work to be paid homage to, but as the key to "everything is imagined", the possibility of linking past and present, classical and contemporary art, capable of giving back everything that cinema has sought to be since its origin and that Fellini's films express in the most complete way: amazement, fantasy, spectacle, fun.
The Museum is divided into three sections. Sismondo Castle, the 15th century fortress that Filippo Brunelleschi contributed to building; Palazzo del Fulgor, a recently restored 18th century building (Palazzo Valloni), whose ground floor houses the legendary Fulgor cinema immortalised in Amarcord, while the upper floors are dedicated to information, study and research; and the third and last section consisting of a large urban area, Malatesta Square, a real Piazza dei Sogni (the square of dreams) which, through a path of Fellini's installations, acts not only as a connective tissue but also as a creative 'fil rouge' between these two buildings of extraordinary architectural and symbolic value, to become a visual and interactive experience that characterises the spaces of daily relations for residents and guests.
From 1 June to 31 August: from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays 10.00am–7.00pm; closed on working Mondays.In July and August it is open also on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00pm to 11.00pm.
 12 € -  8 € Info: +39 0541.704494 www.fellinimuseum.it 

All year long
Rimini, via L. Tonini 1 e piazza Ferrari
Municipal Museums and Surgeon's House
The Surgeon's House and the City Museum invite you to visit the excavation area in Piazza Ferrari which has returned the medical taberna with the richest surgical equipment from the Roman era preserved in the spaces of the nearby City Museum. Here, through the archaeological section and the medieval and modern section, the history of Rimini is told. You can also enjoy the Malatesta Rimini through the paintings of the Rimini school of the fourteenth century, the famous Pietà by Bellini, the works of Agostino di Duccio and Ghirlandaio and the painting of the seventeenth century Romagna in the canvases of Cagnacci, Centino and Guercino. Admission: € 7 full, € 5 reduced. Tuesday to Sunday and holidays 10.00am-7.00pm. Closed on working Mondays. Wednesday and Friday also 9.00pm-11.00pm The Museo degli Sguardi, one of the main Italian museums dedicated to non-European cultures, housed in Villa Alvarado, on the Covignano hill, can also be visited on request. Info: +39 0541 793851 www.museicomunalirimini.it 

All year long
Rimini, piazza Cavour
Part, Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini
A space where the ancient meets the contemporary in an embrace of mutual enrichment. The ancient is the exhibition space of the medieval Arengo and Podestà palaces, restored to their original splendor by a restoration and architectural enhancement project. While the contemporary is the eclectic and varied collection of important works of the twentieth century and the new millennium, of the San Patrignano Foundation. Among the artists in the collection: Mario Airò, Vanessa Beecroft, Bertozzi & Casoni, Domenico Bianchi, William Kentridge, Ibrahim Mahama, Igor Mitoraj, Mimmo Paladino, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pietro Ruffo, Mario Schifano, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Yan Pei-Ming, Xiaongang Zhang and many other prestigious names on the international art scene. In these spaces there is also a permanent fresco, a masterpiece of Italian art of the Middle Ages. The exhibition itinerary also extends over a public space en plein air, accessible for free during museum hours and dedicated to the art of our time: the Sculpture Garden. Tuesday to Sunday and holidays 10.00am-7.00pm .; closed on Mondays except holidays. Wednesday and Friday also 9.00pm-11.00pm Admission fee.Info: www.palazziarterimini.it 

Until 2 October 2022
Rimini, PART Palazzi dell’Arte, Piazza Cavour 26
Premio Artisti Italiani PART 
Exhibition dedicated to the 12 finalist artists of the first edition of the PART Italian Artists Award, a new biennial recognition for contemporary art talents under the age of forty, Italian or resident in Italy, created in collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini and the San Patrignano Foundation. The protagonists of the first edition, chosen by the selection committee are: Benni Bosetto, Costanza Candeloro, Caterina De Nicola, Binta Diaw, Lorenza Longhi, Beatrice Marchi, Diego Marcon, Daniele Milvio, Margherita Raso, Andrea Romano, Giangiacomo Rossetti, Davide Stucchi. PART visitors can express their preferences on the works on display, which will be added to those of the selection committee, to choose the first three works that will become part of the San Patrignano Collection and which will be exhibited at PART. Info: +39 0541 793879 part@comune.rimini.it 

Until 4 September 2022
Rimini, Fellini Museum, Palazzo del Fulgor
"Federico Fellini behind the scenes in the shots of Patrizia Mannajuolo"
 An exhibition itinerary that develops along the walls of the Palazzo del Fulgor headquarters, offering detailed studies and reflections related to the figure and cinema of the Rimini master.
Starting from 10 June and until 4 September, the Fellini Museum hosts the photographic exhibition by Patrizia Mannajuolo “Federico Fellini behind the scenes” in the Palazzo del Fulgor.
102 years after his birth, the great director relives in the shots of Patrizia Mannajuolo from the set of La città delle donne.
FromTuesday to Sunday 10.00am - 7.00pm, Wednesday and Friday also from 9.00pm to 11.00pm. Info: www.fellinimuseum.it

Until Sunday 6 November 2022
Palazzo del Fulgor, piazzetta San Martino - Rimini historic centre
Fellini Forbidden
The exhibition is dedicated to the graphic work that Federico Fellini created in preparation for the film 'Il Casanova (1976)'. The 42 tables dedicated by Fellini to 'Prick' (Anglo-Saxon nickname for sexual alter ego). A series of authentic caricatures of the male genital organ that with 'The book of dreams', are the only other thematic collection in the vast graphic production of the Rimini director.  Almost each sheet has a concise title, written by Fellini himself in English , perhaps in anticipation of an international publication. Donated by Fellini to his friend Tonino Guerra, the series is now owned by the web entrepreneur and art collector Massimiliano Benedetti. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday and holidays 10.00am-7.00pm; Wednesday and Friday also from 9.00pm to 11pm Admission: € 3 only for the Palazzo del Fulgor Info: www.fellinimuseum.it

Until the end of August 2022
Beach 40 > 80  Rimini south
La Vita Dolce/Sweet life
Photographic exhibition on the beach of Rimini
An exhibition that is structured along several kilometers of beach and that tells the most intimate and hidden Rimini, through some of the black and white photographs by Gianni Donati and Pio Sbrighi. The photographic exhibition unfolds a step away from the seashore and is divided into five chapters, through which the city of Rimini is told with nostalgia, irony, clarity of mind and imagination. To the photographic narration are added phrases, quotations, reflections of the authors and anecdotes from Romagna. Images of a Rimini whose secrets belong entirely to those who live there, which are divided into sections dedicated to a variety of characters from Rimini's daily life, universal archetypes in which to recognize oneself, including lifeguards, bathers, fishermen and children. A “pop” path, light without being superficial, where the images chat with the context in which they are located, the beach of Rimini, an icon of seaside tourism and a universal destination for fun and lightheartedness.
The photographs are taken from the volume by Gianni Donati and Pio Sbrighi, Rimini di Pietra, Nuvole and Sale, a volume that tells another Rimini in 200 black and white shots, to which the famous Rimini author Marco Missiroli contributed. www.blog.spiaggiarimini.net/eventi/

Until 31 August 2022
Rimini, Museo della Città (Corridoio piano terra), via Tonini, 1
Nagasaki Beyond - Photo exhibition by the war photographer Joe O'Donnell This event is part of: Cartoon Club - XXXVIII edition
As part of the Cartoon Club, the City Museum hosts an exhibition entitled NAGASAKI BEYOND. War, peace and Buddhism.
Destruction after the atomic bomb: moving and sadly poetic shots by American war photographer Joe O'Donnell.
Photographs depicting the destruction of the city of Nagasaki immediately after the explosion of the nuclear bomb in 1945. In March 1946, O'Donnell returned to his homeland and was dismissed. Unable to see or show the tragic photos he took, he takes them home with him, puts them in a trunk and tries to forget. It was only in the 90s that he decided to share his photos with the world, in the hope that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated in the future.
Now his images travel the world as a warning to the consciences of individuals and nations.
From Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 10.00am to 7.00pm; Wednesday and Friday also from 9.00pm to 11.00pm
Free entrance Info: +39 0541 784193 segreteria@cartoonclub.it

Until 27 August 2022
Rimini, Galleria dell'Immagine, via Gambalunga 27
Tribute to Italo Di Fabio
Dean of Rimini photo-amateurs, he donates his archive to the Gambalunga Library

With the donation of Italo Di Fabio's archive, strongly desired by the author, the large photographic heritage of the Gambalunga Library is enriched with a new collection. The material acquired includes 9,738 photographic prints, 71,864 slides, 37,637 negatives and over 150,000 digital files, but also his personal archive, including photographic equipment and letters, brochures, press clippings, medals, diplomas and honors from the 1960s to today. Co-founder together with Luciano Liuzzi of the "Photo Cine Club" of Rimini, Di Fabio has made an important contribution to the history of amateur and professional photography in Rimini.Di Fabio has been indicated as "one of the best known, most discussed and envied Italian photo amateurs".
The exhibition presents a selection of 60 photographic works that retrace his work and give an account of his continuous and amused research and experimentation of light, color, geometry.
Until 20 August: Monday-Saturday  9.00am-1.00pm.
From 22 to 26 August: 9.00am-7.00pm; Saturday 27 August:  9.00am-1.00pm; closed on Sunday and no working days
Free entrance. Info: +39 0541 704488 / 77 www.bibliotecagambalunga.it/archivio-fotografico-italo-fabio

Until 26 August 2022
Rimini, Museo della Città
City Museum: In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak
On the second floor of the New Wing of the City Museum, the exhibition entitled ‘Sui Monti via più breve è da vetta a vetta’/’ On the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak’, with works by Chiara Maria Surami and Santiago Sambuci, young artists, students of the Naba, Nuova Accademia di Fine Arts of Milan (Department of Painting and Visual Arts).
Large-format paintings on canvas (Santiago Sambuci) with strong pictorial gestures are displayed together with three-dimensional terracotta objects referring to ancient sacred rituals and symbolic parts of the body (Chiara Maria Surami).
The two artists alternate their works in a fluid path. On the one hand, the theme of the body and its fetishes, the feminine and life-germinating imprint, ancestral and sacral, on the other, in a counter canto, the large canvases with an open and gestural pictorial sign that discover the approach to life and transcribe the lived experience.
Every day 10.00am-12.30pm and 4.00pm-7.00pm, Wednesday and Friday also from 9.00pm to 11.00pm. Closed on working Mondays Free entrance. Info: www.museicomunalirimini.it

Until the end of August 2022
Museo della Città (Sala pesci), via Tonini, 1 - Rimini historic centre
City Museum: The enchantment of the women of the Sea
As part of the events The NATURE of the SEA 2022, the City Museum proposes the photographic exhibition entitled 'The enchantment of the women of the Sea', by Fosco Maraini and Nina Poppe.
The exhibition is curated by Nour Melehi Maraini, ethno-anthropologist and granddaughter of Fosco Maraini: photos of the great explorer taken in Japan in the 1950s of the Ama women, dressed in a thong and a blade, and the same shot today, by the young German photographer Nina Poppe, who is arriving from Cologne to tell about “her sea” seen and photographed in the world and the experience in Japan.
From Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 10.00am to 7.00pm; Wednesday and Friday also from 9.00pm to 11.00pm
Info: www.lanaturadelmare.it/summer-camp-2022/

Until 31 August 2022
Rimini | Corte della Biblioteca Gambalunga
Exhibition of electronic micro-sculptures by Caterina Nanni
Poetic titles by Stefano Tonti
Under the portico the sculptures of Caterina Nanni are exhibited, obtained from the assembly of tiny recycled electronic components, with new titles by Stefano Tonti - graphic designer but for the occasion "copywriter" Free admission during library opening hours (Monday to Friday 8.00am-7.00pm, Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm, closed on Sundays and holidays; from 18 July: Monday to Saturday 8.00am-1.00pm) Info: www.bibliotecagambalunga.it/articolo/transistorie


Guided Tours to discover Rimini

Every evening from 1 June to the middle of September 2022 
Rimini, meeting point Visitor Center, corso d’Augusto 235 
Rimini City tour:The wonders of Rimini
Discovering "The Treasures of Rimini": Roman Rimini between the Arch of Augustus, the Amphitheater, the Surgeon's House (outside) and the Tiberius Bridge and the Renaissance one with the Malatesta Temple and Castel Sismondo (outside ), passing through the streets of the historic center, in Piazza Cavour with the renovated Galli Theater up to the Fulgor Cinema, which is partly linked to the well-known director Federico Fellini and Castel Sismondo with the Palazzo del Fulgor, home of the new museum Fellini. And again the San Giuliano district full of renewed murals, majestic buildings such as the Grand Hotel. 9 pm. For a fee. The visits are held in Italian and English.
Info: +39 0541 53399  www.visitrimini.com/esperienze/301963-rimini-city-tour-le-meraviglie-di-rimini 

Ogni giovedì e venerdì sera dal 16 giugno al 15 settembre 2022
Arco d'Augusto (punto d'incontro e di partenza) - Rimini centro storico
Notturno d'Arte: guided tour with Discover Rimini
Cultural walk from the Arch of Augustus to the Tiberius Bridge
The summer cultural walk entitled Notturno d'Arte is back again this year, amidst fascinating lights and nights, between the avenues and squares of the historic center.
An encounter with the history and monuments of Rimini, revealing their beauty and importance: the Arch of Augustus, the Malatesta Temple, Castel Sismondo, the Tiberius Bridge with the new Piazza sull'Acqua.
The events of illustrious personalities linked to the city are also remembered: from Julius Caesar to the emperor Augustus, from Francesca da Rimini to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, up to Federico Fellini.
Curated by Michela Cesarini, art historian and licensed guide. Reservations are required within the day before the visit.
Reservations are required within the day before the visit. Upon request, visits are also held in English. 9.30 pm For a fee (including radio guides)
Info: +39 333 7352877  michela.cesarini@discoverrimini.it


A party lasting 100 days

Here are some of the events that, from June to September, animate the squares, the alleys and above all the promenade from Torre Pedrera to Miramare, organized by the local tourist committees.

from 13 to 15 August 2022
Various locations (seaside area) - Rimini
Mid-August in RiminiThe events organized by the Tourist Committees of Miramare, Rivazzurra, Marebello, Rivabella, Viserba, Viserbella, Torre Pedrera on the occasion of the August 15th weekend:
In Miramare from 13 to 15 August at 9.00 pm Ferragosto in joy. On the new Spadazzi seafront, music for everyone with Romagna music.
Rivazzurra offers the music of Fuori Tempo in the gardens of the beach 120-128, Saturday 13 August, while for the evening of Monday 15 dance with Casadei Marco Danze Show. In addition, on the evening of August 15 (from 8pm) viale Lecce (from viale Mantova to viale Regina Margherita) is animated by music for all ages.
At the Arena del Mare in Marebello, Ferragosto feast on Monday 15 August, while on Saturday 13 Karaoke takes at 9.00 pm.
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 Rivabella offers orchestral music, while on August 15 the evening is enlivened by summer handicraft market (9.00pm in piazzale Adamello).
Piazzale Pascoli in Viserba comes alive with the music of the Djset on Sunday 14 August (9 pm).
Viserbella on 14 August provides entertainment for children followed by group dances at Beach 53, while on Monday 15 August the show moves to the seaside area of ​​via Medici.
In Torre Pedrera in piazza Sacchini, on Saturday 13th August music with DJ sets, while on Monday 15th August the square comes alive with the great party of Ferragosto: Latin American music and entertainment for all ages.
Free admission


Theme and Fun Parks

Fiabilandia, the park dedicated to children, is the kingdom of children par excellence surrounded by 150,000 square meters of greenery. Here fantasy and imagination give a special day to the whole family. From 24 July the First Educational Museum dedicated to circus art in Italy and around the world is open: a tribute to the world of the circus, its history, the families who created it. In August, and until September 11, the park hosts Jurassic Expo on tour, inside the parking lot, a spectacular immersive set that will transport you back in time, among models of full-scale Dinosaurs, some on the go! From 6 to 31 August the Unicorn Festival, a kermesse entirely dedicated to families with colorful balloons, photos, unicorn-themed booths and lots of fun.
On August 15th, by purchasing the ticket at the Fiabilandia or Safari Ravenna ticket offices, you will have access to both at a special price of € 35.00; to the second Park it will be possible to enter on a day of your choice by the 2022 season.
Every day 10.00am – 6.00pm. Info: www.fiabilandia.it

Italia in Miniatura is the symbol of theme parks on Rimini since 1970, with about 300 miniatures that reproduce the Italian and European architectural heritage with meticulous care. The park is open daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm.
NEW 2022: "Fun by day, magical by night" on 10 and 17 August Italia in Miniatura opens until 10:30pm with illuminated monuments, operating attractions, videomapping in Piazza Italia and the suggestion of an enchanted and romantic Venice, animated by eighteenth-century characters and a live string trio. At 10.00pm the Grand Finale with a fireworks display: lights, special effects and fireworks on epic soundtracks from the Alps to Sicily.
Special 10 € ticket for those who just want to join the party. The attractions will run until 8.30pm, with the last ride at 8.15pm. The Old Sawmill and romantic Venice close at 9.30pm.
Info: +39 0541 736736 - www.italiainminiatura.com

Oltremare in Riccione, the large park to discover and explore the planet and the sea, with the largest dolphin lagoon in Europe and the Aquarium in Cattolica where you can admire many marine species, both fauna and flora. Aquafan is also open with over 3 km of slides, the maxi slide M280, animations, daily events, surprise guests and live broadcasts with Radio Deejay Info: www.aquafan.it

Boabay, Rimini's floating aquapark in the open sea, 100 meters from the beach, in front of the beach from 47 to 62, remains open every day from 10:00am to 1:00pm and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm depending on the sea ​​conditions. Info www.boabay.it

Among the lianas and bridges suspended among the trees, in Rimini and its surroundings you can find several adventure parks. In Rimini you can enjoy one at the Parco Marecchia Info: www.riminiavventura.it

Also open every day, the Theme Park and Aviation Museum, on the Rimini-San Marino highway, which houses a collection of about 50 original aircraft, anti-aircraft and armored vehicles, aircraft engines, scale models, clothing for pilots and much more. Inside there is also the Museo dell' Aeromodellismo Storico Italo Balbo with the exhibition of the models holding the most prestigious records in the world, and the Study Center on the Yellow Line, the last German bulwark behind the Gothic Line. Info: www.museoaviation.com