Fellini and the city of memory

Published on: 22 October 2018

Rimini is the city of Federico Fellini. That Federico Fellini’s movies are mainly based on memories of his childhood and youth in Rimini is a well-known fact. "Rimini is a dimension of memory", wrote Fellini. And it is memory the track to follow to savour Fellini's soul of the city. The Master always had close links to the city where he was born to the extent that it was his wish to rest here forever after his death.

The city of Rimini has worked on Fellini's universe, to realize the project of the Fellini Museun, conceived on 3 main sections: the Fulgorcinema, inaugurated in January 2018, with the outfitting created by the scenographer and three-time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti and the annexed Casa del Cinema, that develops on the three floors of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Valloni (Valloni Palace), to contain the signs of Fellini's poetry; the Renaissance Castel Sismondo (Sismondo Castle) and a large pedestrian urban area called Piazza dei Sogni (the Square of Dreams), which acts as connective fabric between the Castle and the Fulgor Palace, and where the true Fellini dimension is developed with open air artworks.

Discover the cine-itinerary in Rimini dedicated to Fellini. Download the map