Electric scooters: experimentation of new sustainable mobility in Rimini

Published on: 2 August 2019

In Rimini it is now possible to circulate with electric scooters on a network of cycle paths that allow citizens and tourists to move safely around the city thanks to the dedicated signs and the rules that must be respected in the use of these new sustainable means of transport.

The areas identified to circulate with scooters are those in the urban area (MAP) and in particular on the southern waterfront cycle path from Miramare (Spadazzi seafront) to the intersection with Via Faenza; on the southern seafront cycle path from the intersection with Via Siracusa to Piazzale Boscovich; on the bike path along via del Porto right to the Ponte dei Mille; on the bike path of Via Principe Amedeo from Piazzale Fellini to the underpass; on the cycle and pedestrian path in Piazzale Cesari Battisti from the underpass to the railway station; in the cycle and pedestrian paths of the parks Renzi, Maria Callas, Cervi, Olga Bondi, Fabbri, Poderi della Ghirlandetta, XXV Aprile; in the "30km zones" from Via Cristoforo Colombo to the Claudio Tintori seafront; on the bike path of the northern promenade in Viserbella.

In all these places the speed should not exceed 15km / h, while in the pedestrian areas and in the streets of the historic center and Piazzale Fellini it should not exceed 6km / h.

Free Floating. The service that the Municipality of Rimini will make available to users, will give the possibility to use and then leave the scooters freely in every part of the territory near bike racks or reserved stalls or immediately outside the parks, without time limits or places of delivery, simply paying a time fee. In Rimini 1000 electric scooters are distributed throughout the area that users will be able to locate and activate through the app.