December and Christmas holidays

Published on: 28 January 2015

27th November 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, historic centre, the boroughs and the beach promenade
Christmas lights
The historic centre, the city boroughs and the beach promenade are dressing up with colours, sounds and Christmas lights. Rimini is glittering with lights in order to create the warmest Christmas atmosphere.
The Christmas lights, from the end of November until the Epiphany, are the frame for the major events: exhibitions, traditional Christmas cribs and those made of sand, the Christmas markets, the New Year’s Eve celebrations. A special atmosphere to discover the charm of Rimini in winter time.
Info: tel. 0541.56902 - 0541.51331

Continues till 14th March 2010
Rimini, Castel Sismondo
From Rembrandt to Gauguin and Picasso. The enchant of painting.
On show 65 masterpieces of the European painting from the 16th to the 20th century, coming from one of the most prestigious Museum in the world, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 4 centuries of painting from Tintoretto to Veronese, from Rembrandt to Van Dyck, from Velasquez to El Greco, from Canaletto to Tiepolo, from Manet to Degas, from Monet to Cézanne, from Gauguin to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Picasso.
An exceptional exhibition hosted in Castel Sismondo, the Malatesta Fortress, in the heart of the city.
Opening time: Monday to Thursday and on Sundays 9am -7pm; Fridays and Saturdays am 9am - 8pm
Entrance fee payable
Call center: tel. +39 0422 429999,

Continues till 31st January 2010
Rimini - Covignano, Museo degli Sguardi, Villa Alvarado
"I Signori della Tundra"
Historic - photographic exhibition about the polar populations Nenets e INUIT.
Open: Saturdays and Sundays 10.00am - 1.00pm /4.00pm - 7.00pm; weekdays upon request (please book at least three days in advance). 
Free admission
Info: +39 0541/751224 (Museo degli Sguardi); info and booking: 0541/704421-26 (weekdays) 

Continues from 2nd November 2009 to 6th January 2010
Viserba di Rimini, via Popilia, 239 (S.S. 16 "Adriatica" - Km. 197)
Italy in miniature is fascinating even in winter
During the Christmas holidays the theme park is open every day from 9 am to dusk (about 4.30 pm), except on the Christmas day (25th December) when it opens at 1.30 pm and the First day of the year opening at 11 am.
The amusement park in Rimini Viserba, opened since 1970, represents the whole Italy thanks to more than 270 miniatures of monuments and architectural marvels of Italian art, perfectly reproduced, along with others of the most beautiful and suggestive places in Italy and Europe.
The special attractions are closed in winter. The winter entrance fee is reduced: 10 € adults, 7 € children
Info: tel. 0541.736736 

1st December 2009
Rimini, Cineteca civica, via Gambalunga 27
Rimini al cinema
Amarcort in Cineteca - review di short films
At 9 pm
Free admission
Info: tel. 0541.704302

2nd December 2009 
Rimini, Cineteca civica, via Gambalunga 27
Rimini al cinema
"Segreti di famiglia" di Francis Ford Coppola (Usa 2009) 
At 9 pm 
Entrance fee: 5€
Info: tel. 0541.704302

4th December - 31st January
Marina Centro, beach area, Piazzale Boscovich
Rimini Ice Village
A large ice rink for skating on Rimini seashore by the rythm of music. For the third year Rimini harbour area hosts an ice rink of nine hundred square meters, a large space for the ice skating fans. Children will find an area dedicated to them with skating school. 
entrance fee payable for the skate rental and the entrance to the rink
Openingtime: Monday to Friday: 3pm - 7 pm and 8.30pm - 11pm .
Weekends and holidays: 10am -12.30pm, 3pm - 7pm and  8pm - 11.30pm. In the morning on request 9am -12pm.
Skating lessons:  4pm - 6pm.
Opening time from 19th December to 6th January: 9am - 2.30pm, 3pm - 7pm, 8pm - 11.30pm.
Info: tel. +39 331 5224196

4th December 2009
Rimini, Casa Pomposa, via Pomposa 8
Keine - Clover - Acid Taste
Live concerts organized by Centro Giovani
At 9.30 pm 
Info: tel. 0541.771347

5th - 24th December 2009
Rimini, Vecchia Pescheria
Traditional artistic and handicraft exhibition market
Beside the traditional Christmas market in Piazza Cavour, there is an exhibition market with the works by the masters in artistic handicraft: copper and silver items, pottery and ceramics, artistic works in wax, glass, leather and wood. The exhibition is organized in the Old Fish Market, one of the most picturesque, characteristic and trendy places in the city.
Every day from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 8 pm
Info: tel. 0541.786369 (; 0541.760261-0541.760980 (Art Arte 3000)

5th December - 31st December 2009
Rimini, Palazzo del Podestà, piazza Cavour
Equamente Festival and Exhibition Market
The voice of the people for equitable and sustainable development
In the heart of Rimini historic centre the Christmas event organized by Pacha Mama comes back. In addition to the exhibition market, the program is divided into different events including exhibitions, events and meetings dedicated to issues of equitable fair trade, international cooperation and knowledge of different cultures of the South world.
During the period of the event, the exhibition market will be open every day from 10 am to 8 pm
Info: tel. 0541.751301(Pacha Mama)  

5th December 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, Palazzo del Podestà, piazza Cavour
Multi-ethnic representations of the Holy Nativity
The 8th edition of the exhibition, organized by Caritas Diocesana - Centro Betania Migrantes,
is realized owing to the work of the immigrants who live in Rimini. It is possible to admire beautiful representations of the Holy Nativity in which the characters have different faces, dark skin or almond eyes or typical oriental features representing different countries such as Africa, Peru, Rumania, Moldavia etc..
Open: every day 9 am - 12.30 / 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm
Free admission

5th December 2009
Rimini, Casa Pomposa, via Pomposa 8
"Mutanda Mutation"
Event organized by Centro Giovani
At 10 pm 
Info: tel. 0541.771347

6th December 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, Marina Centro, piazzale ex-Embassy
Christmas crib in Marina Centro
The traditional Holy Nativity organized by Comitato turistico di Marina Centro in collaboration with Canoa Club and Associazione "Crescere insieme".

6th and 13th December 2009
Rimini, piazza Cavour and Malatesta
Market in piazza Cavour (no foodstuff)
Time: 8am - 8pm

6th, 7th, 8th, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 6th January
Piazza Ferrari
In festa fra Domus e Museo 
On holidays among the Domus and the City Museum
An event that aims to give the pleasure to discover archeology and art in a city which has very ancient origins and a rich history. The Surgeon's House and the City Museum will open the doors with two different guided tours:
- one in the area of excavation where the taberna was found with the richest surgical and pharmaceutical equipment of the ancient time
- one to discover the masterpieces of the Painting school of Rimini in the 13th century and its great artists such as Giovanni Bellini, Ghirlandaio, Guido Cagnacci, Guercino ...
6th, 7th and 8th December, 26th December, 6th January at: 10 and 11 am and in the afternoon at 3, 4, 5, 6 pm
Christmas holidays and San Silvester Eve: 3, 4, 5, 6 pm
The initiative is added to the usual appointments of the week-end
Price: 3 €
Booking is requested: tel.  +39 0541.21482 

8th December - 10th January 2010
Marina Centro, beach area, piazzale Boscovich
19th December - 10th January 2010
Torre Pedrera, beach area 64 and 65
Sand cribs
A few steps from the sea it is possible to admire the most spectacular and suggestive Sand cribs that you have ever seen. For one month the beach area of Marina Centro and Torre Pedrera host a new Christmas route among sculptures in life-size, illuminated at night. During the whole period there are also gastronomic events and animation performances for children.
Free admission
Info: tel. +39 0541.53399 

From 8th November
Rimini, via Nigra 26
Casa Museo Fellini
An opportunity to discover a more intimate Fellini: his readings, his drawings, costumes and photos from the film sets.
From 8th November the new Casa Museo Fellini temporary opens the door to the public in via Nigra waiting for definite opening in the House of Cinema.
Free admission
Opening: Monday to Friday 5pm - 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am - 12pm / 4pm - 7pm
Info: tel. +39 0541 50085 - 50303

From 11th to 24th December 2009
Rimini, Largo Ponte di Tiberio
Christmas Trees' Fair
Time: 8am - 8pm

13th December 2009
Rimini, Borgo San Giovanni
Living representation of the Holy Nativity
In the afternoon living representation of the Holy Nativity by the children of the catechism groups.
The procession passes on via XX Settembre, near the Arch of Augustus up to the parish courtyard.

14th December 2009
Rimini, Teatro Novelli, via Cappelini 3
Gospel concert by Nate Brown & One Voice
Direct from Washington DC  arrives on tour in Italy the gospel choir "Nate Brown & One Voice", a selection of the best elements of the gospel choir "Nate Brown & Wilderness". Music and choreography in the atmosphere of Christmas.
Entrance fee: from 25€ to 30€; advance sale 105 Stadium (Monday to Friday 10 am -1 pm and 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm; Teatro Novelli (Monday to Saturday 10 am - 2 pm)
At 9 pm 
Info: tel. 0541.395698

From 15th December 2009 to 6th January 2010
Rimini, Piazza Tre Martiri
Christmas Fair
Rich market with various sort of stuff in Piazza Tre Martiri for original gift ideas
Time: 9am - 8pm

19th December 2009
Rimini, Miramare
Living representation of the Holy Nativity
Along the streets in the district of Miramare, the local primary and secondary schools present a living representation of the main events related to the Holy Nativity: the market in Nazareth, the Annunciation, the Virgin Mary visiting Elisabeth, the Angel appearing in Joseph's dream, Mary's and Joseph's wedding, Emperor August's edict, the shepherds' camp, the angels' announcement and the Three King's journey. Departure at 2.30 pm from the parking place near the post office passing by via Marconi, via Oliveti and up to to the parish church where the Holy Nativity will be on show. 
Time: from 2.30 pm to 6 pm
Info: mobile +39 339.7779548

From 19th to 24th December 2009
Rimini, Piazza Cavour
Christmas Fair
Big Christmas market with decorations, sweets and original gift ideas (no foodstuff)
Time: 9am - 8pm

19th December - 30th January
Marina centro, beach area n° 26
Eco-Crib: art and entertainment
On the beach of Rimini the first ecological crib will be on stage. Paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics, cans ... will be the basic ingredients of a Christmas scenery then embellished with different techniques of painting.
To animate the initiative there are: the "Fairy tales village", gastronomic events and animation performances for children.
Free admission
Info: mob. +39 328 2099897  

19th and 20th december 2009
Rimini, Palazzetto dello Sport, via Flaminia
Rimini Dance Festival - 3rd edition
Dance competition and music entertainment organized by the association Rimini Dance Company.
Openingtime: Saturday 19th in the evening from 9 pm; Sunday the whole day.
Entrance fee

19th December 2009
Rimini, disco Velvet, via Sant' Aquilina, 21
"Schegge Impazzite"
Live concert of emerging groups, African dances, writers - organized by Centro Giovani Casa Pomposa
At 9.30 pm
Free admission
Info: tel. 0541.771347  

20th December 2009
Rimini, historic centre
Living representation of the Holy Nativity
Since ten years the Karis Fondation has been organizing a living representation of the Holy Nativity with the pupils of its primary schools in Rimini.
From 3 pm you can admire the "live paintings" which have been set up along the roads in the historic centre
At 4 pm departure of the historical procession from Rimini Cathedral through the historic centre up to the Roman Anphitheatre where the performance of the Holy Nativity takes place at about 5.30 pm
Info: tel. 0541.375002 (Scuola Elementare Il Cammino) - 0541.375813 (Scuola Materna "Cuore Immacolato di Maria")

20th December 2009
Rimini, Teatro Novelli, via Cappellini
Theatre Season by Teatro Ermete Novelli
Moscow Festival Ballet presents "La bella addormentata" (the Sleeping Beauty)
A three-act ballet based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Music by Pyotr Iliyich Tchaikowski and choreography by Marius Petipa.
Entrance fee: from 20€ to 23€
Info and advance sale: tel. 0541. 24152 Teatro Novelli, open week days 10am to 2pm and from 4.30pm to 6.30pm (Saturdays only in the morning 10am - 2pm)

23rd December 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, ponte dei Miracoli
On the Miracles’ bridge: scallops for the forthcoming year
The bridge called "della Resistenza", where St. Anthony preached to the fish, everything is as usual decorated with scallops for the Christmas holidays. More than 500 scallops are decorated with well wishing phrases, written even by the people in jail and young people living in a drug rehabilitation community in San Patrignano as a direct line of multiculturalism. Via Coletti will be the luminous way that leads to the bridge where will be set up a cell of St. Anthony with the 2 brighten angels, made by Salvatore Federici. On 23rd December a Holy Crib carved in wood by Cantiere navale Carlini will be placed into the water, on an old "trabacolo".
The highlight of the festival will take place on 6th January 2010 at 4.30 pm with the arrival of the Three Kings aboard on a ship in a solemn procession accompanied by songs and fireworks. The organizers, Association Ponte dei Miracoli, aims to remember the traditions and in particular the point where St. Anthony of Padua has made the first miracle of the fish.

24th December 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, Arch of Augustus, Corso d'Augusto
Christmas crib at the Arch of Augustus
The traditional Christmas crib in the suggestive frame of Augustus Arch is set up by the Centro Zavatta in Rimini. Opening ceremony on Thursday 24th December with the attendence of the bishop and of the city authorities
Info: tel. 0541.367101 Centro di Formazione ENAIP 

24th December 2009 - 10th January 2010
Rimini - Covignano, Sanctuary delle Grazie
Painting of the Holy Nativity
This year, the Holy Nativity in the Sanctuary delle Grazie is represented by a large painting. It was created in 1602 by the painter Giovanni Laurentini known as Arrigoni and donated to the Sanctuary. Arrigoni worked in Rimini and he is one of the painters of the wellknown painter school in Rimini.
The painting of the Holy Nativity is always visible in the Sanctuary, but on the occasion of the Holy Christmas there will be created a special light and beside the painting there will be a special explanation in order to highlight this artistic work to visitors.
Free admission
Info: tel. +39 0541.751061

25th December 2009 - 6th January 2010
Rimini, San Giuliano Mare, via Ortigara
Christmas crib under the water, the traditional Holy Crib in the Sea at the new Marina
The emerging ceremony of the Holy Crib from the sea begins on Christmas Day at 5 pm (at the G pier, in front of the bar). The divers arrive in procession to the place where the crib is nestled and provide to make it emerge from the waters with the aid of naval forces and of the civil defence. Here it will remain floating on show to be admired by the public until the Epiphany.
For the occasion will be offered hot chocolate, cake and mulled wine.
Info: tel 0541.29488 (Darsena); 0541.709661 (Volontari soccorso in mare) 

26th December 2009
Rimini, Teatro Novelli
Rimini Jazz Winter - Christmas concert
The traditional Christmas concert organized by Associazione Rimini Jazz
At 9.15 pm
Free admission by invitation
Info: tel. 0541.51011 - 0541.52206  

From 26th December to 6th January 2010
Rivazzurra di Rimini, via Cardano
Christmas at Fiabilandia
For the first time Fiabilandia is open during the winter (every Sunday) and the Christmas holidays!
Magical lights and glittering Christmas trees transform Fiabilandia into a fantastic Christmas village, involving children and adults in the typical Santa Claus atmosphere.
A fabulous ice skating rink, will be set up inside the Palatopazio, a great novelty for children.
In the night of 31st December, Fiabilandia invites everyone to celebrate "Happy New Year's Eve Together" with attractions open until 11 pm, buffet with lentils, snacks, pastries, panettone (typical Christmas cake) and sparkling wine.
There will also be entertainment, cotillions, live music and dancing in an indoor and heated venue.
At midnight the fantastic show by the Dancing Fountains at the centre of the lake and fireworks
Entrance fee:
€ 8 (adult and children from 3 years), includes entrance to the park and access to 6 attractions on choice.
€16 (valid for 2 consecutive days, according to the timetable of opening) for adults and children from 3 years, includes entrance to the park and unlimited rides.
Free admission for children under 3 years if below one meter in height.
Happy New Year’s Eve party: € 50 for adults and € 25 for children (from 3 years to 130 cm in height) Reservation is required.
Info: tel. 0541.372064

27th December 2009
Rimini, Piazza Cavour, Vecchia Pescheria, Piazza Malatesta
Rimini Antiqua
Antiques, modern and vintage exchange market
Time: from 7 am to 7 pm
Info: tel. 0541.380128

27th december 2009
Rimini, City Museum
Oh, what a beautiful museum! - Your own calendar 2010 in the City Museum
Guided tours and laboratories for children from 6 to 10 years old
At 4 pm
Price: 3,50 €
Info and booking: tel 0541.704421 - 426 
30th December 2009
Rimini, Teatro Novelli
End of the Year Concert 
The Banda Città di Rimini presents the traditional "End of the Year Concert" with a completely renovated program which includes classic and contemporary music and original compositions for bands. The concert is organized in collaboration with AVIS.
At 9 pm
Free admission with solidarity offer in favor to AVIS
Info: tel 0541.56902

31st December 2009
Rimini Piazzale Fellini
L’anno che verrà
The New Year starts from Rimini.
For the seventh consecutive year, the public in Piazzale Fellini will be heated with the most exciting San Silvestro party in Italy broadcast live by the National Tv channel Rai Uno
Rimini will be welcoming the year 2010 with the show "L’anno che verrà", a real blend of fun and music that will end after midnight. The presenter is Fabrizio Frizzi and on stage there will be some of the big national and international personalities in the world of music, cabaret and entertainment. As usual, when big test midnight, there will be a great display of fireworks on the sea.
at 9 pm
Free admission
Info: tel. +39 0541 53399

1st January, at 5.30 pm
3rd January, at 9 pm
Auditorium Palacongressi, via della Fiera 52
Following the tradition, Rimini is the only city in Italy that  starts the new year with the Opera on stage. The protagonist this year is "Tosca", the work in three acts by Giacomo Puccini.
The direction is by Ivan Stefanutti, with the lyric chorus Città di Rimini Amintore Galli and the Orchestra Camerata del Titano, conducted by Master Matteo Salvemini
Entrance fee
Info and advance sale: mobile +39 328 1922593

6th January 2009
Rimini, Museo della Città
Oh, what a beautiful museum! - Play games in the City Museum
The Surgeon’s Domus in the game for children from 4 to 8 years
Latrunculi tournament, the ancient Roman game for boys from 9 years and adults
Initiatives organized by Ilaria Balena and Marina della Pasqua
At 4 pm
Price: 3,50 €
Info and booking: tel 0541.704421 - 426

14th - 17th January
105 Stadium, via Coriano
Holiday on Ice 
A spectacular show on  ice with a kaleidoscopic succession of breathtaking stunts, skaters in flight, images and music
Time of the 9 shows: on Thursday at 9pm; on Friday at 11am and at 9pm; on Saturday at 11am, at 4pm and at 9pm; on Sunday at 11am, at 3pm and at 7pm 
Entrance fee: from 28€ to 50€ - reductions for children, students and groups.
Info: tel. 0541.395698