The Brand RIMINI “dresses” the summer

Published on: 28 January 2015

The line of clothing with the new brand created by Marco Morosini is on sale in the IAT tourist information offices.

A stylized striped deckchair  (brandina) where you can read the word “Rimini”: this is the graphic image of the city - in several versions and colours – that since 2009 "dresses" the Summer in Rimini.

After the launching of the brand in 2008 with the publication of the new tourist city guide, the Rimini brand products are available in Rimini tourist offices promoting the graphic design of Rimini tourist board.

Marco Morosini, the trendmaker of image, famous Italian photographer and designer, is the creator of Rimini tourism brand and has been working with Rimini Municipal Tourist Board since 2008. Now he has signed the graphic design of the new line of clothing which is on sale in the Tourist Information Offices.

For the first time Rimini Municipal Tourist Board, in collaboration with Rimini Reservation (the  public - private partnership between Rimini Municipality and  "Promozione Albeghiera" founded in 2006 and managing the information offices of Rimini territory), launches a marketing project for the selling of products of various types: sweatshirts, t-shirts , bags, hats, beach towels ect. The products are linked together by a common thread of quality, that aims to show the unique style of holiday "made in Rimini” through the recognizable and innovative image of the “brandina”.

The objective of the project is to transmit and promote the tourism image of the city through quality products: a very fresh and human image for a friendly and hospitable city, characterized by a spirit of innovation and in line with the evocative symbols of the territory. That’s why we choosed a deck-chair as an icon: it is the main element striking tourists’ imagination when they come to Rimini on holidays (the Customer Satisfaction analysis in 2002 and 2006 and the investigation of Rimini brand positioning in 2008 produced by the local Marketing Agency, reveal that the beach is so far the biggest factor in the success of Rimini Riviera).