The beach of Rimini is ready for 2021 Summer season with more space, more time and more services

Published on: 25 May 2021

Space, services, well-being are the pillars of the next bathing season, now at the starting line. More than 230 beach attendants along the coast are organized and ready to welcome visitors by offering a formula that last year transformed the needs dictated by the health emergency into an opportunity to improve and innovate the service to bathers. The bathing ordinance will come into force on Saturday 29 May. Conceived to guarantee more time, more space and more services to all its guests and to experience the beach in complete safety. A beach to be experienced from morning to evening, a large open space that extends along the 15 km of coast from north to south.

More space and more time
This year too, Rimini beach guarantees its guests spaces that few other resortss in Italy can offer. The municipal ordinance sets the minimum shading limit at 18 square meters in the northern area of ​​Rimini, while for the southern Rimini area the minimum area will be 15 square meters. Only for the stretch between establishments 99 and 130, characterized by a shorter strip of beach and a high incidence of hotels and therefore of tourists, the shading area is set at 12 square meters. More space, therefore, but also more time: until 12 September customers will be able to stay on the beach and use the services until at least 10pm. The lighting systems will remain on from dusk to dawn (at the same times as for public lighting) .

Delivery under the umbrella
An opportunity to increase the quality of the tourist offer and beach services, already introduced in the past season, which allows restaurants to deliver food directly on the beach.

Sports and games on the beach
The bathing ordinance of the Emilia Romagna Region also regulates beach sports. Individual sports that take place on the beach (single rackets) or in the water (such as swimming, windsurfing, sup and kitesurfing) can be regularly practiced in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures (at least 2 meters). Beach games and sports activities are allowed only in the dedicated spaces and always maintaining interpersonal distancing. The play areas for children must be well indicated, identifying the maximum number of children who can access them.

A plastic and smoke free beach
Also this year Rimini is a plastic free beach, with a ban on the sale and distribution of beverages in plastic glasses and on the use of plastic straws. Paper cups and compostable material or plastic material that is reusable are allowed. In the same vein, the ban on smoking on the shoreline, already introduced in 2019. A measure designed to guarantee the well-being of non-smokers and at the same time to reduce the presence of cigarette butts on the shoreline.

At the beach with dogs
From north to south, there are over 150 beach resorts equipped and authorized to welcome our 'four-legged friends'. A number that has grown exponentially over the years, confirming the attention of operators to the needs of their guests (the list can be consulted on Bathing for animals will be allowed in the beach resorts that request it and animals will be allowed to enter the water only at defined times and stretches of water. Owners must ensure the surveillance of their dogs, never leaving dogs unattended.

Free beaches
According to the regional indications, the municipal ordinance establishes the spaces available to each bather. So, when putting your equipment on the free beach, keep your distance from your neighbours and place your umbrella at least 5 metres away from them.
However, between sunbeds, deck chairs and towels the necessary distance is of at least 1.50 meters. Of course you can stay close to your family and the people you share the room or home. Also on free beaches stewards will provide assistance to bathers, in compliance with the provided measures.