Autumn in Rimini: all the proposals to experience the season of colors and flavors in Rimini

Published on: 2 November 2021

The best season to discover Rimini as a city of art
Autumn is the ideal season to discover Rimini as a city of art and culture, among itineraries to discover the signs of Roman times, such as the Tiberius Bridge, defined as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, which this year turns 2000 years old, the Arch of Augustus, or the Malatesta Temple, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance. A Rimini to be discovered, thanks also to its city cultural center which has been enriched by the new Fellini Museum (info:, a widespread museum in the heart of the city, where Fellini's art is told with interactive installations in a unique visual and sensorial journey. Do not miss a visit to the City Museum and the Domus del Chirurgo, the archaeological complex that has gained international fame for its exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical equipment, the richest ever since, now on display in the adjacent City Museum together with works by the Rimini school of the fourteenth century and many other art treasures (for information on guided tours +39 0541 704428 - And the PART Museum, which houses an exceptional collection of contemporary works of art from the San Patrignano Foundation, on show in two medieval palaces, the Palazzo dell’Arengo and the Palazzo del Podestà (
On display works by successful contemporary artists of the Italian and international scene such as Mario Airò, Vanessa Beecroft, Bertozzi & Casoni, Penone, just to name a few, and in constant expansion, thanks to a collaboration between public and private institutions. From the Sala dell'Arengo, where the large fresco of the Last Judgment (circa 1310) is temporarily placed, realized by the craftsmen led by the painters Giovanni and Giuliano da Rimini, the itinerary starts to discover the Rimini fourteenth century school, linked to the passage of Giotto in Rimini: a large group of artists, illuminators, painters, who also worked outside the Malatesta dominion, throughout theregions Romagna, Marche, Veneto and even in Dalmatia. The route also includes a stop in the two major churches in the city, the Church of Sant'Agostino with the presbytery and bell tower decorated with splendid frescoes and the Malatesta Temple, guardian of Giotto's crucifix, to finish at the City Museum, where you can admire works belonging to the main masters of the fourteenth century Rimini school, Giovanni and Giuliano da Rimini and Baronzio. Until 7 November Rimini hosts, in the Buonadrata Palace, the exhibition 'Giovanni's gold' dedicated to the founder of the fourteenth-century Rimini School: Giovanni da Rimini. At the center of the exhibition, the ancient cross from the church of San Francesco in Mercatello, just restored and back to Rimini after more than 85 years. The exhibition compares the crosses by Giovanni da Rimini present on the Italian territory (opening hours: from 10.30am to 6.30pm. Free admission, info: +39 0541 351611).

The autumn of flavors
There are many artistic and cultural itineraries that can be easily combined with tasty stops in the restaurants of the city to savor the typical Romagna dishes, such as the Rimini piada (PGI product), the real street food of Rimini. You can also attend cooking classes to learn how to prepare it and then enjoy one, made with your own hands (info: This is the ideal period for excursions in the territory of the Malatesta and Montefeltro seignory among fortresses and castles, located a few kilometers from the sea and rich of festivals and autumn events: such as the Fiera di San Martino (6 - 7 - 8 - 11 November) in Santarcangelo di Romagna or the fair ofthefossa cheese in Talamello (14 - 21 November). Each village and castle has its own story to tell: about Cagliostro or Mastin Vecchio, Paolo and Francesca or  Azzurrina … in a mixture of history and legend.

The active holiday season
For lovers of active holidays and wellness, Rimini offers a thousand opportunities in all seasons, such as running and training at the Parco del Mare, the new waterfront in Rimini where you can walk among the Adriatic vegetation a stone's throw from the sea or train in the 'wellness islands', but also a path for runners of all ages, or cyclists who can ride along the beach from north to south. People can practice outdoor training also with professional associations; for example Fluxo organizes lessons at the Tiberius Bridge from Monday to Thursday at lunchtime (1.30pm and 2.30pm) until 4 November and it is possible to choose between different disciplines to practice in the open air (info: +39 347 1224480). Walk on the beach offers 50 minutes of sports walking starting from the beach 26 every Wednesday evening at 7.15pm. 

Autumn between initiatives and spas
Many are the opportunities to live the city among concerts - starting from the Malatestiana Music Festival (Sagra Musicale Malatestiana) which continues until December 18th with its program of prestigious orchestras, great conductors and excellent soloists -, theatrical performances with the resumption of the prose and dance season at the Galli Theater which, starting from October 9th, hosts the best performers of the Italian scene. Worth of a visit the exhibition of the precious testimonies of the Divine Comedy at the Gambalunga Library: from the precious manuscripts of the fourteenth century to the first printed works, together with books, graphics and photographs that document the myth of Francesca da Rimini.

In Rimini there are also opportunities for fun with the theme parks of the Riviera. Italia in miniatura and the Cattolica aquarium continue to welcome their guests, children and adults, on Sundays and during the Christmas holidays from 26th December to 9th January 2022. And for the more adventurous,the adventure parks continue to entertain their guests, as it happens in Rimini and Riccione Avventura, the brand new parks suspended on trees a few steps from the sea, which remain open almost all year round, except in January and February (for info and timetables: and
While for those who want to relax there is Rimini Terme which offers, in addition to the thermal area, a Spa with swimming pools with sea water and sea views, sauna, relaxation area and salt room (info:

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