Marina Centro

From the very beginning of seaside tourism to today, Rimini has from season to season, always known how to quench the thirst of originality, entertainment and the worldliness of its guests, consolidating the role of the Riviera as a workshop and springboard for the most innovative Italian trends and the true nature of fun. 

Nightlife in Rimini is present every night at various points in the city. Starting from the port area of Rimini, along the last stretch of the promenade – from the Marina Centro to the pier – there are the most popular places: restaurants, pubs, sophisticated bars and various other places which are meeting points that start and intercept the latest trends. Some overlook the promenade, others are right on the beach. In effect, they are beaches where you can eat, go for an after-dinner fruit cocktail listening to music, and yes, even dance, perhaps removing the sandals too. Amongst many of these places, there is one that is particularly special and it is the historic Rock Island: built entirely on wooden stilts into the sea, it is an outpost at the end of the promenade on the pier.
The highlight: an aperitif at sunset, which lasts until late. Chill out music, drinks and feet in the water are the golden ticket of beach bars, which have sprung up in recent years, just a stone’s throw from the sea.