Italia in miniatura

An exciting and original way to see all the wonders of Italy in one day is to visit Italy in Miniature in Rimini.

The theme park, established in 1970, is dedicated to the historical, architectural and cultural Italian heritage with over 270 scale reproductions of Italian and European architectural wonders. At Italy in Miniature you can navigate the Grand Canal in a gondola like in Venice or become scientists in the Science Fun Fair. Cannonacqua is the place for water battles, while the interactive driving school approaches children, aged 6 to 12 years, to street education rewarding them with a "real" license.
The Globe is a whole area, with tropical vegetation and large aviaries, dedicated to the parrot world with approximately 100 specimens: in the Pappanursery you can observe the development of the little ones from egg to first feathers.
Italy in Miniature offers in exclusive YouMini that allows visitors to become the thumbnail of the Park after being "scanned 360 °" by laser beams and reproduced to scale. Everyone can choose which region or city to be be placed thus becoming "citizen" of Italy in Miniature

Info: via Popilia, 239 - 47922 Viserba di Rimini - Tel. +39 0541.736736 - -
Info Line Ticket Office +39 0541 53399