Stagione Teatrale Novelli: Americhe - Canto la differenza

Concerts about 1968, edited by Fabio Bruschi and Jader Viroli

Sunday 14th January 2018

On Sunday 14th January the Concerti del sessantotto (Concerts about 1968) begin with a diptych dedicated to America: from the struggles of South America, of moral, political and religious inspiration for many, to the Californian campuses, where the movement made its debut in 1964 in Berkeley.
Guya Valmaggi and Los Creadores presents SONG THE DIFFERENCE, Violeta Parra, Victor Jara y canción por Ernesto 
The protest, the fight and the legend. From the beginning of the Seventies (in 1973 the first concert of the Zafra group, in 1974 the Inti Illimani concert) Rimini hosted the committed South American songs, which now are re-proposed by Guya Valmaggi and the Los Creadores group.
The second appointment of the CONCERTI DEL SESSANTOTTO awaits you on 19th January with the Rangzen group.


Teatro degli Atti, via Cairoli, 42 - Rimini historic centre