Skunk Anansie in concert

Ultrasuoni Rimini: three days of music dedicated to Thomas Balsamini

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Saturday 10 June 2023

Skunk Anansie return to Rimini in homage to Thomas Balsamini.
The British band performs on Saturday evening in Piazza Malatesta, in memory of Thomas Balsamini, with whom frontwoman Skin has had a special bond since the beginning of her career.
It is the flagship event within the context of 'Ultrasuoni Rimini', three days of music dedicated to the founder of Velvet, a person who contributed a lot to the development of live music, rock and else, in Romagna.
The initiative started from an idea of Balsamini's friends and collaborators on the tenth anniversary of his death. Start on Friday 9 June with events at the seaside area of Rimini, and end on  Sunday 11 June on the hill, in Sant'Aquilina, where the Velvet once stood ,and which saw Skin and his group perform in the 1990s.
The event has a charity purpose and the profits will be donated to Ail Rimini.
Advance sales of Skunk Anansie concert on from Monday 13 March.


piazza Malatesta - Rimini historic center
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