Rimini Folk - Ballroom dancing

Notte Rosa Preview: Liscio in preview of the Pink Night

Thursday 4 July 2024

at 8:30 p.m.


A special edition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of 'Romagna Mia', the song by Secondo Casadei, the doyen of liscio dancing and music to enjoy and dance to, which continues, even seventy years after its composition, to tour the world. To celebrate this anniversary, the voices of Santa Balera will open the evening. 
An evening in honour of Liscio ballroom dancing, to return to an atmosphere of yesteryear in the heart of the city, but above all an evening of fun for everyone in the name of Romagna tradition, with the Frank David Show Orchestra
The evening will be enlivened by the show of Le Sirene Danzanti, who will perform traditional Romagna dances including waltzes, polkas and mazurkas, while the Sciucarein will perform traditional Romagna whips. 
Also on stage will be Luana Babini, successful singer, former historical voice of the Casadei Orchestra, then soloist in singing events at national level, who has been awarded the title of 'Queen of Romagna'.
Special guest Riccarda Casadei.
The show is organised by the social centres of Rimini coordinated by the ANCeSCAO district structure of Rimini. 


Piazza Cavour - Rimini historic centre
Rimini Folk - Liscio per la notte Rosa