RDS Summer Festival 2024

Musical tour with Angelina Mango and many other guests

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 July 2024

Rimini will be the last stop on RDS 100% GRANDI SUCCESSI' s travelling musical journey, where the energy and charm of Francesca Romana D'Andrea and Filippo Ferraro will lead the evening in Piazza Fellini. The real star of the Festival, as always, will be music, with a programme of live performances by the most important names on the Italian and international music scene. Angelina Mango will be the Ambassador for the city of Rimini. 
The other names announced are: Achille Lauro, Aka 7even, Alessandra Amoroso, Alfa, Angelina Mango, Arisa, Articolo 31, Baby K, Benjamin Ingrosso, Bnkr44, Boomdabash, Boro, Capo Plaza, Cara, Cioffi, Clara, Coma_Cose, Dotan, Elodie, Emma,  Rain, Negramaro, Noemi, Olly, Paola & Chiara, Rhove, Rocco Hunt, Rose Villain, SLF, Sophie and The Giants, The Kolors, Tiromancino, Tony Effe, Vale LP. The cast of the respective Italian cities hosting the Festival will be revealed near each stage. 
In addition, and for every evening of the festival, there will be entertainment with DJ sets by RDS 100% Grandi Successi, while Samara Tramontana and Gaia Garavaglia - speakers on RDSNEXT, the group's social web radio made by GenZ for GenZ with GenZ, will conduct the openings of the evenings.
Free admission. To access the live shows, you need to book in advance on the relevant website   www.rdssummerfestival.it 


Piazzale Fellini, Rimini Marina Centro