QUEEN UNSEEN - Peter Hince: the unknown side of the iconic band that made the history of rock

At the Fellini Museum the most important exhibition on the English band ever staged in Italy

from Monday 3 October to Thursday 30 November 2023

Photographs, original memorabilia, videos and curiosities chronicle the life and career of the four members of Queen, and especially the legendary Freddie Mercury. These is what you can see at Castel Sismondo - Isotta Wing. An exhibition on 'THE QUEEN' as you've never seen them before. Away from the spotlight, the exhibition reveals some previously unseen and unknown sides of the iconic band that made the history of rock, told through the 'photographic' eye of someone who really got to know them, living in symbiosis with them for over 10 years: Peter Hince.
After the extraordinary success in Turin and Gallipoli, this exhibition event arrives in Rimini - the first and only stop in Emilia-Romagna and Marche on the European tour - a journey into the myth of Queen through the photographs of Peter Hince, the band's historic road crew and Freddie Mercury's personal assistant. Born in England in 1955, Hince has worked for great artists such as Mick Ronson, Lou Reed, Eno, Supertramp, George Benson and many others. He started taking photographs of Queen from 1976, when they had already reached the peak of their worldwide success, continuing until 1986, with an interlude of a further two years in which he would only portray Mercury. During his years with Queen, Peter cultivated a passion for photography, taking intimate and candid photos of the band in the recording studio, during the filming of video clips, tour rehearsals and, on rare occasions, even during live shows. He also takes some portraits of the band, which have become iconic.
 In 'QUEEN UNSEEN - Peter Hince', in addition to Hince's images, the rich personal collection of memorabilia, clothing, accessories, musical instruments, records and documents, all strictly original, of Niccolò Chimenti, one of Europe's biggest collectors of the Queen universe, is also on display, including the microphone stand used by Freddie Mercury in his last concert, an autographed guitar by Brian May, an autographed cymbal and drum sticks by Roger Taylor, Freddie's legendary braces, one of the costumes used for the Radio Gaga video and much more.
The exhibition is completed by the screening of videos, most of which are extremely rare and now unavailable even on the web.  
The exhibition in Rimini is organised by the Blu&Blu Network in Rome and Primafila Magazine, with the patronage of the Municipality of Rimini.
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Castel Sismondo, Ala di Isotta, piazza Malatesta - Rimini historic centre
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€ 12
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€ 10
under 14 years of age, disabled persons and accompanying persons