OLTRE - The Sand and Metal Crib in Torre Pedrera

Rimini, the longest New Year's Eve in the world - Among sand sculptures and metal creations by Lu Lupan of Mutonia

from Friday 8 December 2023 to Sunday 7 January 2024
Religious festivals

The traditional Sand Crib is back on the beach in Torre Pedrera. This year it represents the Nativity, emphasising an important message of love and care for the planet. A nativity scene that aims to be a path of awareness towards love, going BEYOND consumerism, towards a sustainable future.
The Torre Pedrera Tourist Committee has decided to dedicate the seventeenth edition of the Sand Crib to the environment, and for the creation of the sculptures it has combined sand with recycled metal from Lu Lupan di Mutonia.
Every detail of the nativity scene has been carefully planned, from the design of the figures to the way they are positioned in the scene, in order to tell the story of the nativity in an evocative way, recreating a true path of awareness on the importance of sustainability. The sand, the main element of the nativity scene, is collected from the beaches without causing damage to the surrounding ecosystem, helping to safeguard natural resources, while metal can be renewed in an eco-sustainable way.
The crib, set up inside a covered structure, invites the public to reflect on the need to adopt sustainable behaviour in everyday life.
The Crib is open to the public on 8-9-10-16-17 December 2023 and every day from 22 December 2023 to 7 January 2024. For visits on other days, please contact the organisers.


Rimini - Torre Pedrera beach, bathing establishment 65, via Salvador