Exhibition for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day: 1938-1945. The persecution of Jews in Italy.

Event organized by the Foundation “Center for Contemporary Hebrew Documentation”

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From 25 January to 3 march 2019

The exhibition '1938-1945. “The persecution of Jews in Italy “, will be inaugurated on Friday 25 January, after the screening of the documentary film “1938, Una vita amara” (35') by Sabrina Benussi.
The exhibition, curated by Alessandra Minerbi, with the help of Liliana Picciotto and Michele Sarfatti, testifies the history of anti-Semitic persecution in Italy, from the press campaign in 1938 to the deportation to Auschwitz, the main place of extermination of the Jews.
An event that in Italy was divided into two sequential stages, even if partially autonomous: anti-Semitic legislation and its consequences on victims (autumn 1938 - summer 1943); clandestinity, escape, arrests, deportation and extermination (September 1943 - April 1945).



Museo della Città 'Luigi Tonini', via Tonini 1 - Rimini historic center
Free for individual visits

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