Biglietti agli amici

Tickets to Friends - Festival of stories, sounds and voices

from Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 June 2024
Multiple Events

In the old town of Rimini, the festival celebrating the power of oral storytelling as the focus of contemporary transformation returns. Rimini will be the setting for three summer evenings dedicated to the voice, with guests from the worlds of literature, music, cinema and entertainment. 
Guests include writers Teresa Ciabatti and Sandro Veronesi in a moving memory of Michela Murgia, the writer Niccolò Ammaniti with Chiara Barzini, and award-winning director Matteo Garrone with Marco Missiroli. Screenwriter and writer Francesco Piccolo with Annalena Benini will pay tribute to the poet Patrizia Cavalli, followed by singer-songwriter and director Margherita Vicario and journalist Francesca Fagnani. Together with them, Lucy's editing team Nicola Lagioia, Irene Graziosi and Lorenzo Gramatica. Professor Stefano Mancuso will remind us of the power of nature, followed by a meeting between Luca Bizzarri and Guia Soncini
In the case of rain, all meetings will be held at the Amintore Galli Theatre in Rimini.


Piazza sull’Acqua, Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini

TUESDAY, JUNE 25 > Due to uncertain weather conditions, the first event of the festival scheduled at the Piazza sull'Acqua on the Tiberio bridge will move to the Teatro Galli. 

8 p.m. - Piazza sull'Acqua
"The Voice of Michela Murgia"
with Teresa Ciabatti, Marco Missiroli, Sandro Veronesi
Readings by Massimo Nicolini

Michela Murgia. The living voice of the most lucid and passionate intellectual of our time returns to visit us with her posthumous autobiography Ricordatemi come vi pare (Mondadori) for a formidable reckoning on power, feminism, faith, literature. But above all about the ten lives she lived with enchanted brazenness, and without fear. Three friends, intellectuals, who knew her well, pay tribute to her. Two-time Strega Prize winner Sandro Veronesi and writer and journalist Teresa Ciabatti with Marco Missiroli.

9 p.m. - Square on the Water
"Cinema, literature, video games: the intimate life of Ammaniti."
Niccolò Ammaniti with Chiara Barzini

One of the best-selling and most translated writers in the world, director and screenwriter, Strega Prize winner Niccolò Ammaniti will tell us about his artistic journey between novels and television series, his passion for video games and cinema. Ammaniti, the voice that tells of childhood and the contradictions that inhabit us like no one else in Italy will be accompanied by writer and screenwriter Chiara Barzini.

10 p.m. - Piazza sull'Acqua
"So many voices, so many stories."
Matteo Garrone with Marco Missiroli

One of the most brilliant directors, screenwriter and producer. Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film with Io Capitano, a film that also won 7 David di Donatello including Best Film and Best Director and the Silver Lion for Directing and the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival. Matteo Garrone will retrace with Missiroli his artistic career: from L'imbalsamatore to Pinocchio, from Gomorra to Dogman, different films driven by an irrepressible creative drive.

In collaboration with the cultural magazine Lucy

6 p.m. - Fulgor Cinema
Screening of 'Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo' directed by Annalena Benini and Francesco Piccolo
Patrizia Cavalli recounts and reflects on her life, career, love, friendship and obsessions in an intimate and engaging documentary.

8 p.m. - Square on the Water
"The Voice of Patrizia Cavalli"
with Annalena Benini, Francesco Piccolo and Laura Paolucci

Patrizia Cavalli, the poet beloved by Elsa Morante embodies the even pop modernity of contemporary Italian poetry, the love of words and performance. The writer and screenwriter among the most important of the national scene Francesco Piccolo and the writer, journalist, director of the Turin Book Fair Annalena Benini will remember her starting from their documentary/interview Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo (My poems won't change the world), up to the most personal anecdotes. Accompanying them will be Fandango producer Laura Paolucci.

9 p.m. - Square on the Water.
"Glory to Art!"
Margherita Vicario with Lorenzo Gramatica

Singer-songwriter, actress, director, among the most multifaceted artistic figures on the Italian scene. Making her directorial debut with Gloria!, presented in competition at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival and positively received by both critics and audiences, Margherita Vicario recounts the imagination, fantasy and talent of all the female composers who have remained hidden between the pages of History. Vicario will range from her songs to film, recounting the path that led her to find all her voices. Accompanying her will be Lucy's editorial manager Lorenzo Gramatica.

10 p.m. - Square on the Water.
"Tale of a Beast."
Francesca Fagnani with Irene Graziosi and Nicola Lagioia

Known for the television program Belve Francesca Fagnani is not only a journalist capable of challenging the most influential personalities on the national scene in a face-to-face interview, but she is also a thoroughbred reporter. In this meeting with writer and deputy editor of Lucy Irene Graziosi and writer and editorial director of Lucy, Strega Prize winner Nicola Lagioia, she will tell the anecdotes behind Mala (SEM), the documented, relentless and sweeping investigation into the Roman underworld.


8 p.m. - Square on the Water
"The Voice of Nature"
with Stefano Mancuso

Scientist and popularizer, Stefano Mancuso is among the world's leading authorities engaged in studying and popularizing a new truth about plants, intelligent and sensitive creatures capable of choosing, learning and remembering. A professor at the University of Florence and a full professor at the Georgofili Academy, he directs the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV). At Tickets to Friends he will bring a lecture on the power of plants, how they can change us from climate change and what we can learn from them.

9 p.m. - Square on the Water
"They Don't Have a Friend"
Luca Bizzarri with Guia Soncini

Luca Bizzarri is an actor, comedian, TV host, as well as the author and voice of the podcast "Don't Have a Friend" (Chora) daily at the top of the most listened podcasts in our country. With an average of fifty thousand daily listens and one million streams per month, Bizzarri talks about the political communication of our times, social phenomena, and the customs of a new millennium confused between the nostalgia of the twentieth century and the desire for technological and social innovation. After the stage show, he arrives in bookstores with "They Don't Have a Friend" (Mondadori) and will discuss it with writer and journalist, among the most brilliant pens around, Guia Soncini.

10 p.m. - Water Square
"Inner Space Blues"
Live set by The Oze

Tom Neale, aka The Oze, is a guitarist, composer and singer born in England and raised in California. The Oze offers experimental rock that takes its cues from both British singer-songwriters such as Nick Drake and Thom Yorke and contemporary currents of American neo-soul. At Tickets to Friends he will play tracks from "Inner Space Blues," his first solo EP, and forthcoming unreleased tracks. Accompanying him will be Enrico Giannini on electric piano and Francesco Cardelli on electric guitar and bass.

Niccolò Ammaniti
Chiara Barzini
Annalena Benini
Luca Bizzarri
Francesca Fagnani
Teresa Ciabatti
Matteo Garrone
Stefano Mancuso
Francesco Piccolo
Sandro Veronesi
Margherita Vicario

Tickets to Friends is a project by Babel Agency for the Municipality of Rimini.