Sounds... Words: an informal symposium under the moon. 'Morgan Morgan solo concert'

Notte Rosa: Pink Night Preview at the Francesca da Rimini Arena

Thursday 4 July 2024

at 9:00 p.m.


In the old town of Rimini, as a preview of the Notte Rosa, a great artist of the Italian music scene, capable of spanning the international universe, who makes eclecticism his matrix. 
Morgan's performance is projected towards the essence of songwriting and at the same time is full of contemporary suggestions. His ‘solo concert’, ranging from the great Italian singer-songwriters, to classical music, to pieces of his own composition, is an experience that crosses music, literature, and art in its broadest sense.
In concert, Morgan follows the whim of the moment, free to improvise monologues, without a precise set list. In his hands, music is a material to be moulded, shaped, constructed, modified at any moment.
Opening the evening will be the musical syncretism of Raffaello Bellavista, an artist in love with great Italian songwriting and beyond.
The event is part of the Festival ‘I Suoni...le Parole: un Symposio informale sotto la Luna’ (Sounds...Words: an informal Symposium under the Moon), organised by the Accademia del Melo Silvestre APS.


Arena Francesca da Rimini, piazza Malatesta - Rimini historic centre