Aviation Thematic Park

The Aviation Park, inaugurated on 2 April 1995, offers visitors a rare collection of aircraft that have played an important role in some of the most significant moments of the post-war period.

On display there are the Soviet MiG (the MiG-15, 17, 19, 21 and 23), similar to the Libyan aircraft that crashed in Italy’s Sila Mountains at the same time as the Ustica air disaster, the Sukhoi SU-7 and SU -17, the Antonov AN-2, the Ilyushin Il-28, the Italians Fiat G-91, G-46, Piaggio P-166, P-148, the American F-104 Starfighter, A-7 Corsair II F-4 Phantom, the Republic F-84F and RF-84F, DC-3 Dakota, the North American T-6 Texan and the British Gloster Javelin.

Thepark hosts:  ospita: Aviation Museum, Aeromodelling Museum, The Centre for Studies on “Yellow Line” and the seat of the Cultural Association “On the Wings of History” .

The Aviation Museum also has a pavilion dedicated to the uniforms, and flight suits used by pilots and flight engineers, from the early twentieth century to the present day.
The park is waiting for two helicopters of the Italian Navy.

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