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Home / News archive / Things to do in Rimini: discover the 2018 events calendar


Things to do in Rimini: discover the 2018 events calendar

Cinema Fulgor
Castel Sismondo and piazza Malatesta

2018 is a special year for the city of Rimini: a year in which the redevelopment will be completed and the cultural construction sites launched in the last years will be returned to Rimini citizens and its guests. After the new square on the water in the basin of the Tiberius Bridge and the Malatesta Square returned to its Renaissance perspective, Rimini has inaugurated the Cinema Fulgor, the most famous cinema in the world, on Fellini's birthday (January 20). The Galli Theatre, whose reconstruction work continues at full speed, will be completed at the end of summer 2018.
Here is a brief taste of some of the main events that will punctuate 2018, this really special year for Rimini. A calendar that is 'under construction' and that will continuously have important updates.

19 - 20 January 2018
Rimini Fulgor Cinema
Happy birthday Federico! The Cinema Fulgor reopens
On the birthday of Federico Fellini, the Fulgor, the most famous cinema in the world owing to the great Master who watched here his first film on his father's lap, is returned to the city of Rimini at the end of the renovation of the historic Palazzo Valloni. A unique cinematographic hall set by Dante Ferretti and brought back to that ancestral and magical dimension that makes Fulgor the very symbol of cinema as the art of evasion and dream. In the scenographic set-up he designed for Fulgor, Ferretti has poured all his love for cinema and its history with its unusual setting that pays homage to American cinema of the thirties and forties, when the films were bigger than life, and that plays and is measured with the legend of this hall and the genius that made it immortal.
The programming of the Cinema Fulgor will be curated by the company Khairos srl, and includes a selection of the best quality films of new release and an important part of the programming will be dedicated to the "Maestro". The program will also host reviews, monographs and retrospectives on the various currents and periods of cinema: from its origins to the arrival of color, from the birth of the colossal to the advent of sound, from the golden age of Hollywood to that of European productions of post-war period, from the explosion of the 60s to the present day.
The aim is to transform the Fulgor into a heterogeneous place of culture and therefore it will be at the same time content - the dream, the magic, the passion of cinema - but also container, a collective place, where to meet, compare, have fun together, being able to enjoy, as well as films in programming, also exhibitions, presentations, concerts. With this in mind, Cinema Fulgor will be open every day from the afternoon, and often also in the morning with daytime projections dedicated to schools and families.  Info 0541 57197

20 - 24 January 2018
Rimini Fair
International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee
Now in its 39th edition, it is the undisputed leading international trade fair for the 4 supply chains. This is where the most eagerly awaited championships are held, such as: the Ice Cream World Cup and the Ice Cream Challenge, the Female World Pastry Championship, The Pastry Queen, the Italian Seniors Championship; The Star of Chocolate among chocolate events, and the Italian Barman Championships dedicated to coffee.
It is dedicated exclusively to professional operators from all over the world.

17 - 20 February 2018
Rimini Fair
Beer Attraction
International Fair dedicated to beer specialties, craft beers, food and technology

24 February 2018
Rimini RDS Stadium
Gianni Morandi on tour
The new tour by Gianni Morandi will start from Rimini, entitled 'D'amore d'autore', after the release of his new unpublished tracks album in December.

3, 4 and 6 March 2018
Rimini, RDS Stadium
Jovanotti in concert
Lorenzo live 2018

After the presentation of his new album Oh, vita! new Jovanotti’s concerts will start. For the fourth consecutive time Lorenzo has decided to set up his show in Rimini, where he triples the appointments bringing on stage a unique show for 'dancing, singing, moving, celebrating, living'. Jova will perform with the super band composed of: Saturnino Celani (bass), Riccardo Onori (guitar), Leo Di Angilla (percussions), Cristian Noochie Rigano (keyboards), Franco Santarnecchi (piano), Gareth Brown (drums), Jordan Mclean (trumpet), Matthew Bauder (sax) and Gianluca Petrella (trombone).

March 14th - March 2018
Rimini Fair
ENADA Spring
International Exhibition of Entertainment and Gaming Machines

16 - 17 - 18 March 2018
Rimini Piazzale Fellini
Giardini d’Autore
The gardening exhibition with the best Italian plants experts comes back to the Federico Fellini park in Rimini for the spring 2018 edition.

March 23 – April 8, 2018
Rimini, Castel Sismondo
It is a traveling show dedicated to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, set in the rooms of Sigismondo's Castle, right in the place the author had written about.
In the halls of the castle visitors can meet middle aged Sigismund, tired but not "domo" (tamed), lonely, in an atmosphere full of tension. It is a very powerful text, written in 1943 by one of the greatest French twentieth century dramatists, Henry de Montherlant. It is a one-time event. Idea and direction by Gianluca Reggiani.
The Malatesta celebrations, which started in 2017, will continue until October 2018, putting together the celebrations of his birth and the five hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Sigismondo’s death (October 9, 2018).
Time: 9 pm. Admissions: € 21. For further information: +39 0541 793811

March 24 – July 22, 2018
Rimini, Cavour square, Sala dell’Arengo
Caravaggio Experience
An extraordinary combination of art, technology and sensorial technique that allow the public to feel within the art works of one of the greatest artists of our past. The exhibition traces the themes of the entire Caravaggesque production: light, naturalism, theatricality, violence and ends with an ideal "journey" through Caravaggio's world, following in chronological order the main phases of its incredible life experience.  Admission fee. For further information: +39 0541.704416

March 26, 2018
Rimini, Teatro Novelli
Crossroads: Paolo Fresu& Danilo Rea
The traveling exhibition of Jazz and other music continues with the performance of the duo Paolo Fresu & Danilo Rea in Emilia Romagna. A unique and original performance thanks to all the virtuosity of the trumpet of Paolo Fresu, an artist who has played in every continents and with the most important names of the Afro-American music of the last 30 years.
Playing with him, Danilo Rea, one of the greatest Italian jazz pianists of the last years. Time: 9.15pm. Admission: € 18 For further information: +39 0541 793811

31 March – 2 April, 2018
Rimini beach
For the Easter weekend Rimini will be besieged by the flying saucers of Paganello, the Ultimate Beach World Cup, that is the sport of frisbee played on the sand. You can also attend performances by freestyle players from all over the world, the spectacular and original discipline of music frisbee. Info:

14 - 15 April 2018
Rimini, RDS Stadium
Le Cirque World's top performers - Alis
Grand Gala with the best artists of Cirque du Soleil and of the world
It has been defined by the media and critics the revelation show of the modern circus. ALIS is the only international show of almost 2 hours without interruptions, applauded until today by over 60,000 spectators. It is presented by Le Cirque World's Top Performers and brings on stage a super cast that represents contemporary circus excellence and that does not use animals.
ALIS is also an exciting journey in human values, because it is inspired by the dreamy and surreal atmospheres of the fantastic literature of the 1800 and in particular by "Alice in Wonderland" and dispenses emotions through aerial and on the ground performances of a formidable cast: acrobats , jugglers, and musicians.
Timetable: Saturday 14 at 21.00; Sunday 15 at 17.00
Tickets available on and Info: 0541.395698

14 - 15 April 2018
Rimini, Beach from no. 12 to n .26
Kite show on the sea
35th International Kite Festival
Two very enjoyable days to see flying kites of all shapes and sizes and having them built by the children in the thematic workshops. By the Dopolavoro Ferroviario.
Timetable: 10 - 18.30. Free entry

28 April – 15 July, 2018
Rimini, various locations
Biennale Disegno Rimini
Third edition of the Biennale Disegno Rimini, organized and curated by the Department of Culture and the Municipal Museums of Rimini, which will take place as usual between spring and summer with its consolidated format of exhibitions located in various institutional locations: Museo della Città, Ala Nuova, Palazzo Gambalunga, Far, Fabbrica Arte Rimini and Palazzo del Podestà, Castel Sismondo, Istituto Musicale Lettimi Music, plus the Circuit Open Circuit that puts other shows in private spaces into play (galleries, artists' studios and of architecture, bookshops).
The prerequisite for the designers of the exhibition is that the drawing is the educational core of all the arts. Our country is one of the historical homelands of drawing, certainly the one that has exalted and extended the horizons of beauty and meaning, elevating it to an autonomous discipline, after having been an art in art. Also in this new edition, the role of drawing as an emblem of the arts for the intrinsic and 'diagonal' power of crossing them all, is explored in many directions.

28 - 29 April 2018
Rimini, city route
Rimini Marathon
A great national and international sport event, involving an entire city, touching the most characteristic and evocative places. In addition to the marathon (starting on Sunday) there are: Kids Run of 1.8 km, Family Run 9 km, and the fourth edition of the national running event, TEN MILES, on the distance of 10 miles, or 16.094m. FIDAL approved event. The Village, open since Saturday morning, offers food stands, music, interviews, animation.

April 28 to 30, 2018
Rimini Fair and other areas
Music Inside Festival
A musical event with the most important and famous DJs in the world. Three days that will become a real piece in the history of clubbing and electronic culture in Italy.
For further information:

29 - 30 April - 1 May 2018
Rimini, Piazzale Fellini
Piacere, Spiaggia Rimini
The show of hospitality that turns the spotlight on the "players" of Rimini summer with music, trends, taste and fun. By Rimini Spiaggia Network

May 4 to 6, 2018
Rimini Piazzale Fellini and old town
Reunion Rimini
The motorcycles and the American cars meet in Rimini for the motorcycle rally that unites the most important motorcycle riders in demo ride, the most famous processing workshops, the most original artisans in the sector, the top of clothing and accessories for bikers, good food, music and amazing shows. Organized by Motociclette Americane Club.
For further information: +39 0541.303239

May 4 to 6, 2018
Rimini waterfront between piazzale Kennedy and Fellini
Motogiro d’Italia 
Historical demonstration on the Mille Miglia style, linked exclusively to the world of the 2 wheels. Since 2015 it has been recognized by the International Motorcycling Federation as one of the two world events in the Vintage sector. Many participants from all over the world take part in it.
For further information:

May 5, 2018
Rimini - Teatro E. Novelli
Mick Harvey plays Serge Gainsbourg
Mick Harvey, Australian artist and star, producer and musician in the band of Pj Harvey, former founder and co-author in Nick Cave and the BadSeeds, arrives in Rimini with his special live on Serge Gainsbourg on occasion of his 90th birthday. It is the Italian unique date on the occasion of the Smiting Festival. Together with Harvey, on the stage of the Novelli Theater, there will be performers like: Xanthe Waite, James Johnston, Larry Mullinsaka Toby Dammit, Yoyo Röhm, all internationally renowned musicians, (Gallon Drunk, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Lydia Lunch, Iggy Pop, Swans, Fatal Shore), flanked by a string quartet.
For further information: +39 329 0909716

6 - 8 May 2018
Rimini Fair
Music Inside Rimini
The only event in Europe entirely dedicated to music and entertainment, which allows you to experience the technology of the leading companies in the industry. A format that has proved rewarding, and that has united the two great souls of show business: the professional and the amateur. Technologies related to lighting, audio, rigging, video, design and clubbing. 
The next edition will start on Saturday 28 April with the Music Inside Festival, which confirms a top line-up and which will end in crescendo with Music Inside Rimini, from 6 to 8 May. They will be incredible, exciting days at a national level, with appointments and meetings centered on all kinds of music.

9 - 11 May 2018
Rimini Fair
Fruit & Veg Professional Show
A reference event for professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy and in Europe, representing the entire supply chain: 11 sectors (Seeds, Vegetable News & Vivaism, Production Technologies, Production, Trade & Distribution, Machinery & Technology, Materials & Packaging, IV range, dried fruit, Logistics, Services). The BtoB meetings, meeting areas and specialized conferences and many collateral events offer to those who visit not only a moment of business, but also knowledge and in-depth study. Info:

11th - 13th May 2018
Rimini, Ex magazzini Enel, via Destra del Porto 
Handmade wonder
A research space, a container where to show one's own products and how they are concretely created, where to exchange ideas, to exhibit and communicate.

From Friday 11 to Sunday 13 May 2018
Rimini, Viserba beach
International Beach Tchoukball Festival
As usual, the international tchoukball experts meet up in Rimini for the championship that is held every year on the beach of Viserba. 5 tournaments, 20 courses, 1300 athletes, 1km of beach, a weekend of sun, sea, sports and entertainment. Info:

17 - 19 May 2018
Rimini fair, entrance from the SOUTH Gate
Expodental Meeting
The dental reference event in Italy with an increasingly rich and innovative format, capable of combining the merchandise exhibition business with a massive amount of scientific and cultural content under the banner of innovation.
Timetable: - Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm; - Friday from 10 am to 8 pm
Free admission for all operators in the sector. Info:

18th - 19th May 2018
Rimini, Sismondo Castle
Dinner at the court of Malatesta with chef Gino Angelini
Chef Gino Angelini from "Osteria Angelini" in Los Angeles will be the protagonist of a dinner entirely dedicated to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, proposing a mix between the cooking of the 15th century and the contemporary one in the beautiful setting of the Malatesta Castle.
At 7.30pm.  Info and booking: +39 0541.53399 

19th - 20th May 2018
Rimini, Sismondo Castle
Giardini d'Autore at the Malatesta Court - Special edition
a special edition dedicated to the Malatesta court.
On the occasion the Giardino del Soccorso - the coutyard of the Castle - will be transformed into a secret garden by the best nurserymen of 'Giardini d'Autore' and animated by concerts, theatrical performances, meetings, courses and workshops, brunch and appetizers, book presentations and cultural walks to discover the Castle.
Those who will take part in the dinner at the Malatesta Court on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th, have the chance of a visit and an aperitif in the court-yard of the castle.
Time: 9.30 am - 7 pm
Entrance fee: 4 Euro – weekend ticket (Saturday and Sunday): 6 Euro
With the entrance ticket of Giardini d'Autore, you will be entitled to a reduced ticket: € 8.00 instead € 10.00.

20 May, 2018
Rimini, city route
Strarimini – 35th edition
The half-marathon of the Romagna Riviera, the UISP national road race on the distance of 21 kilometers and 97 meters, which has now become a "classic" thanks to a history of over 30 editions. Also uncompetitive races are planned, as well as the 2 km mini-race for the little ones.
Timetable: morning. Info:

May 20, 2018
Rimini, RDS Stadium
Rimini Cheer Open 2018
International Cheerleading and Performance Cheer Competition organized by Ficec - Italian Cheerleading and Cheerdance Federation in collaboration with the National League of Cheer and the Municipality of Rimini. The competition is open to Italian and international teams, including some from China, who will compete to the rhythm of stunts, pyramids, acrobatics and breathtaking choreography.
For further information:

23 May 2018
Rimini, RDS Stadium
Elio e le Storie Tese Farewell Tour
Elio e le Storie Tese are ready to end their career in style, after 37 years of success, provocative radio hits and unpredictable tours. The band will reach all over Italy fans who did not manage to take part in the great Farewell Concert, which took place on 19 December in Milan and will be in Rimini on Wednesday 23 May for an evening of almost three hours of music.
Tickets in presale in all the usual presale locations. For this event the FanTicket is available

31 May – 3 June, 2018
Rimini fair
Rimini Wellness
Fitness, wellness and sports on stage
The biggest event in the world dedicated to fitness, wellness, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating, an event that involves all the major companies in the wellness universe: from manufacturers of physical exercise machines to gyms, schools and the associations of category, to the lovers of the physique, passing by the SPA of the relax, the rehabilitative sciences, the dance, but also the tourism and the design. The whole world is at RiminiWellness: operators, buyers and presenters make this fair an increasingly international stage with business meetings between companies. A unique mix of events that unites all the souls of living well and being fit, a winning integration of five sections:
WPRO, aimed at the b2b sector; WFUN, for the active public; FoodWell Expo, dedicated to healthy eating for those on the move; RiminiSteel, the heaviest part of RiminiWellness that hosts combat sports, martial arts, body building and everything related to "physical culture";
Riabilitec, the section in which all the technological innovations for rehabilitation and motor rehabilitation are presented.

June 2, 2018
Rimini, starting from Tiberius Bridge and back
Urban Obstacle Race
First obstacle course dedicated to functional training enthusiasts, where the obstacles are those proposed by the urban landscape of the historic center and the parks of Rimini. This is a non-competitive race that takes place on a 7km course, where exercises inspired by functional training alternate with running. The departure is scheduled at 17.30 from the Tiberio bridge, where the Village will be set up with all the entertainment and entertainment activities.
For further information:

9 June 2018
Rimini Terme and  the Spas of Emilia Romagna
Notte Celeste
This initiative in all Emilia Romagna Spas offers relaxation and entertainment for everyone. In Rimini, the festival involves the spa that will offer tourists the opportunity to experience a special night and weekend. 

June 11 to August 31, 2018
Beach in Rimini
Le spiagge del benessere - The Wellness Beaches
15th edition of the biggest wellness circuit of the Rimini coast with many opportunities to experience the sea in the spirit of nature, health and harmony. 12 weeks of activities with a staff of 50 wellness workers, more than 800 events, 35 beach clubs. As usual, there will be the exciting sunrise sailboat rides and moonrises during nights with a full moon. Free admission to group activities, consulting and special events at the beach; fees are charged for dinners and boat trips.
For further information: +39 3392400025

June 15 to 17, 2018
Rimini, Historic Centre
Mare di Libri -  Sea of Books, Festival of young readers
Eleventh edition of a literature festival dedicated to an audience of adolescents and ‘young adults’. Three days of meetings with the best-loved Italian and foreign authors as well as workshops and performances. Sea of Books is an event full of cultural entertainment, a place for all young people who love books and reading and want to meet peers who share their enthusiasm.
For further information:

June 19th - 30th, 2018
Rimini , Marecchia park /square on the water
Cirque Bidon
Entrez dans la danse!
Theater, music and circus arts
On the way to approach the new Fellini Museum, an event that returns the poetic gaze of the Maestro from Rimini, noted several times among the spectators of Cirque Bidon. A theater of art and poetry, the Cirque Bidon, an itinerant dreamlike circus, was born in France in the '70s almost as opposed to the traditional circus, that of exotic animals and large circus families.
Shortly after, Francois Bidon arrives in Italy with his first friends and artists and takes his nouveau cirque through the streets of cities and towns, a mix of theater, dance, acrobatics, live music and clowning, which will give life to the new contemporary circus . In this new creation, the artists of Cirque Bidon invite viewers to participate in the incessant voyage of the circus nomads, questioning and fantasizing about the wonderful world of planets that flit endlessly. Circles, spheres, perfection, balance, acrobatics, balls and air bubbles, juggling, air circle, metaphysical questions, weather reports, clowns, mimes, puppets, dances, songs. Directed by François Bidon, assisted by Pascale Chatiron.
Admission fee.

21 June, 26 July, 23rd August 2018
Rimini, Piazzale Boscovich, entrance of the free beach at the beginning of the pier
Pilates on the beach
Appointment at dusk
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Joseph Pilates developed an interest in fitness, through many training methods including yoga, gymnastics and body building in order to strengthen the state of health. With the skills acquired and the understanding of the body functioning, he created a method of training able to heal a weakened body and strengthen a healthy one, Pilates
In Summer in Rimini there are free lessons of Pilates at sunset in the area of the pier in front of the free beach. A chance for everyone to try this discipline capable of improving muscle tone, posture, flexibility, balance, breathing and joint mobility. An opportunity open to everyone.  The participants need only to bring a mat or towel to do the exercises on the ground.
Time: at 6.30 pm. Info: 347.9531092; 391.7777870

June 22 to July 1, 2018
Fiera di Rimini, via Emilia 155
Ginnastica in festa - Gymnastics Festival
A great competitive event organized by Esatour Sport Events and ASD Pesaro Gym in collaboration with the FGI, the Italian Gymnastics Federation. During the ten days of competitions in Rimini, around 80,000 people are expected, including athletes, guides, experts and the public. Between judges and competition officials and a staff of 80 people, 100 people will be working, not counting the exhibitors at the shopping village. The event will be enhanced by the presence of many star gymnastics, the leaders at international and Olympic competitions. For further information:

23 - 24 June 2018
Al Meni
Circus 8 and 1/2 of flavors. Things done with hands and with heart
Rimini once again becomes the Italian capital of taste with Circus 8 and 1/2 of the flavors with chefs’ show cooking, gourmet street food, starred ice cream, farmers' products market, artisans and designers. Massimo Bottura brings together starred chefs from the Emilia Romagna Region to meet young international chefs, inside and outside a Fellinian circus, for an event that celebrates the protagonists and the richness of a unique territory in the world. In front of the Circus, the market of excellences with the best DOP and IGP products of the Region and Matrioska, the lab store of creatives and designers with their creations distinguished by the "handmade" brand. Info:

30 June 2018 
Rimini, canal port
Molo Street Parade
Deejays and fishermen come together to serve on their "dishes" music & sardoncini: the ingredients of the great musical parade on the port of Rimini that since 2012 has been contagious with its musical energy to young people, youngsters and whole families to make them listen to the most famous DJs of Europe. From the consoles of the fishing boats overlooking the sea a perfect combination of musical tendencies and contemporary sounds is broadcast, while on the quay the fishermen serve the traditional seafood dishes.

July 5  to15, 2018
Rimini Fiera
Sport Dance
Italian Sports Dance Championships.
Sports dancing, entertainment, competitions and much more. The event, which will last about ten days, provides exciting competitions for both FIDS athletes and the spectators, who can watch performances of all dance sport specialties at the Italian Championship. Over a few years, the event has become the largest festival of Sports Dance in the world, with thousands of participants.
For further information:

6 – 7 – 8 July 2018 
Pink night
From the sunset on Friday and throughout the weekend, the 110 km of the coast of Romagna, with the beating heart of the event in Rimini, offer hundreds of events for what has become for the Italians the New Year's Eve: concerts in the squares, beach parties, shows, children's entertainment, restaurants, shops and museums open until late at night, and the main monuments "dressed" in pink light. And at midnight on Friday, the entire Riviera illuminated by the fireworks show that represents one of the most awaited moments of this magical night.

July 13 and 14, 2018
Rimini, Borgo San Giuliano and Tiberius Bridge
P.Assaggi di vino
The wine cellars in the Rimini inland await you on the Tiberius Bridge and in the squares of Borgo San Giuliano, to experience, cup in hand, two full nights of tastings and events. Each winery manages its own stand in order to be able to describe its products to visitors. For further information :

July 13 to 15, 2018
Rimini, Lungomare Tintori, area of Piazzale Boscovich
Street Football Games
For the second consecutive year, Calciatori Brutti (Ugly Football players) returns to Rimini with his tournament of street football games. Football fans can sign up for game days and try their hand at various disciplines. For further information:

July 16 to 22, 2018
Cartoon Club
For thirty-four years, Rimini has hosted the ‘Cartoon Club’, the international festival dedicated to animated films, comics and games. Projections of films, concerts, meetings with authors, filmmakers and publishers, workshops and awards including Riminicomix from July 19 to 22, an exhibition market that welcomes publishers, antique comic books, manga and collectibles. Do not miss the Cosplay Convention, one of the most anticipated events of the sector nationally, involving thousands of young people who wear the costumes of their heroes from cartoons, anime and comics.
For further information:

26 July 2018
Rimini beach
A Sea of Wine
The night of summer dedicated to the best wine labels of the Rimini hinterland. From the aperitif until late at night in the magical setting of the seashore, the night of wine is staged accompanied by tastings, music and entertainment.  Organized by Rimini Spiaggia Network

28 July 2018
Summer Pride
Appointment with Rimini Summer Pride, the first gay & lesbian European general pride. A party open to all, the party of free spirits: it is a cultural and musical event of high sentiment that wants to trigger a new way of asking for rights and recognition of LGBTI people and families in the warm colors of summer. Besides the parade, there will be meetings, shows, parties and cultural initiatives.

August 3 to 5, 2018
Rimini, Parco Marecchia
Tiberio Music Festival
3 days of music, live bands, DJ sets, visual arts, shows, street food and craft stands in the splendid setting of the Tiberius bridge.
Free admission. For further information: +39 393 3301378

August 11 to 15, 2018
Rimini, Belvedere di piazza Kennedy
Ferragosto with Kennedy Cake beach Festival
The Kennedy Cake street food event offers five days in the heart of Rimini Marina Centro in a colorful village animated by street food, sports tournaments, shows, live bands & DJ sets with great artists for a long and fun weekend of August.
Hours: from 6pm until late at night.  Free admission.
For further information: +39 348 4620335

August 12 to 15, 2018
Rimini, Parco XXV Aprile, invaso ponte di Tiberio,
Tiberio Cinepicnic
Notorius Rimini Cineclub proposes a new edition of the most intriguing cinematographic arena of the summer. Arthouse films, animation films and food stands run by La Compagnia de Borg volunteers for an unusual picnic at the foot of the big screen. Free admission.

14 August 2018
Rimini beach
A Sea of Fire
3 km of fire, rhythms and shows under the stars of Ferragosto.
With their feet in the water, among torches and candles, fire eaters and dancers, musicians and artisans of taste will alternate along the shore and turn on the night of the 15th of August in a crescendo of rhythms, flavors, flames, shows and fireworks on the sea. Organized by Rimini Spiaggia Network

19 - 25 August 2018
Rimini Fair
Meeting for Friendship among Peoples
Summer festival of meetings, exhibitions, music and entertainment. A manifestation with a markedly international character, a crossroads of testimonies and experiences of different cultural origins: a lively and unique event on the world scene, that deals with crucial issues, in free and open dialogue with the most interesting personalities of culture, politics and faith.
The title of the 39th edition 'The forces that move history are the same that make man happy'

August 31, 2018
Rimini Fiera
Rimini Park Rock
SUM 41

One of the most famous bands, a symbol of the history of international punk rock, in Rimini for one of the stages of their summer tour. An event LP Rock Events and Live Nation Italia.
Admission fee. Tickets available through #MyLiveNation, on Ticketmaster, Ticketone and authorized points of sale.  For further information:

August 31 – September 2, 2018
Rimini, Piazzale Fellini, roundabout and neighboring streets
Italian Bike Festival 2018
An exhibition area where the bike’s world presents the novelties of 2019. Visitors can enjoy a unique experience between free tests in the Expo area, an off-road track and a ring on the seafront promenade closed to traffic. For further information: +39 02 87245180

September 1-2, 2018
Rimini, Borgo San Giuliano
XXI Festa de Borg
The Borgo San Giuliano opens to the city in the awaited biennial appointment. Preparations and shows for the narrow streets of the ancient village, food stands and great shows in the new square on the water overlooking the bridge of Tiberius. For further information:

September 2018
Rimini Motor Soul
For the fifth year, the City of Rimini will harness the excellence of the great motoring valley to display it all in the most important international showcase of MotoGp. The initiatives, developed in collaboration with Aldo Drudi, a world-renowned designer especially famous in the motorcycle field, revolve around a unique exhibition of its kind. Starting from the exhibition of stunning racing bikes, suits and helmets worn by champions in the premier class of Grand Prix racing, MotoGP, worn by the champions of the MotoGP class, an exhibition of photographs. Every year ideas, chromatic suggestions and new liveries, like the colors of the World Championship that are renewed every season.

7 - 9 September 2018
Rimini - Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
Grand Prix of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini
The engines are warmed up for the twelfth edition of the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini, the event that attracts enthusiasts from all over the world and millions of viewers every year. Info:

15 - 16 September 2018
Rimini, Piazzale Fellini
Grand Prix Nuvolari
28th edition
Historical cars, coming from all over the world, will compete at the Gran Prix Nuvolari in a challenging course of 1000 km through the most evocative historical centers and as usual they will stop in Rimini where they will parade in the historic center and will remain on show in piazzale Fellini.

September 17, 2018
Rimini RDS Stadium
Laura Pausini in concert
After taking the stages of the stadiums in 2016, Laura Pausini returns live in Italy. With over 70 million records sold, Laura boasts among his achievements more than 40 international awards: 1 Grammy Award, 3 Latin Grammy Awards, 4 Lo Nuestro Awards, 6 World Music Awards just to mention the most important. With his latest album of unpublished ‘Fatti Sentire’, the most beloved Italian singer in the world celebrates 25 years of career and arrives on stage at the RDS Stadium in September. For further information:

22 - 23 September 2018
Giardini d’Autore
The gardening exhibition with the best Italian plants experts comes back to Rimini for the autumn edition 2018. A fixed appointment for all gardening lovers who recognize in this show quality and prestige, an opportunity to find rare plants and essences and share knowledge of the culture of green in all its forms and expressions.
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24 - 28 September 2018
Rimini Fair
International Exhibition of Technologies and Supplies to the Ceramic and Brickworks Industry

25 - 27 September 2018
Rimini, Parco Fellini
Transitalia Marathon 2018
Fourth edition of a traveling event on an exclusive and fascinating route in stages, which allows you to cross Italy and retraces some salient features of the legendary event. Through several stages entirely navigating and a fluid route almost mainly off road also suitable for road Maxienduro you can experience a true rally atmosphere without the anguish of a stopwatch. It starts on September 25 from Rimini, where the participants will be welcomed in the Villagio in piazzale Fellini waiting to kick off the first stage of the Transitalia Marathon 2018, then travel to central Italy, through 6 regions for a total of about 900 km.

10 - 12 October 2018
Rimini Fair
Planitsphere: TTG - SIA GUEST - SUN
This year, Planitsphere, the most important B2B exhibitions dedicated to tourism and hospitality, have been brought together under one single brand: from the 55th edition of TTG - Travel Experience, the leading B2B tourism marketplace in Italy, to SUN, the International Outdoor Exhibition. Design, Furniture, Accessories, up to Sia Guest, the International Hospitality Exhibition.
An Italian format that speaks the global language. An innovative marketplace dedicated exclusively to professionals in the sector. A complete event that promotes the entire supply chain, enhancing Italian excellence in the offer, the dynamism of Italian demand in the world, the potential for markets and international destinations to develop business with the most innovative Italian companies.

October 12 to 14, 2018 
Rimini, Museo della Città "Luigi Tonini"
Antico/Presente Festival del Mondo Antico - Ancient World Festival XX edition
Three days of meetings, round tables, book presentations, guided tours ... around the relationship between the West and the East, an eternal field of confrontation, collision and encounter, yesterday and today, from antiquity to the contemporary world. With a focus on the era of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, on the 550th anniversary of his death (October 9th 1468), and on a world that, between the fifties and sixties of the fifteenth century, was about to radically change going from the end of the half millennium to modernity. Participation in the meetings is free.
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October 31 – November 4, 2018
Rimini, various locations
Amarcort Film Festival
Eleventh edition of the international festival of short films. Last stop of “Il Giro del Mondo in 80 corti, edition 2018 " [around the world in 80 short films], the roadshow that takes audiences to various appointments until the week of the grand finale. Amarcort Film Festival is not only short films but much more: a conviviality of cultures and arts made possible thanks to international short film competitions, screenplay contest, photographic exhibitions, the "Conference Room" on the hot topics of cinematography, filmographies dedicated to European cinema, to personal exhibitions with " Storie di Successo [Success Stories]", to screenings dedicated to schools and to "cinema ritrovato [rediscovered cinema]", to the campus for European students "Emilia-Romagna welcomes Europe".
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November 2018 – April 2019
Rimini, Teatro Galli – piazza Cavour
Prose season and Sagra Musicale Malatestiana (Malatestian Music Festival)
We are on the eve of an event full of emotions and expectations. At the end of October 2018 the historical theater "Amintore Galli" will resume its activity again, after 75 years, as a result of devastating bombings of December '43 that had seriously damaged it. Starting from the autumn of 2018, the Galli Theater, brought back to its former glory, will host the Season of opera, dance, prose and the Malatestian Music Festival. In addition to other events that will be presented in the opening months of the new theater. From November to April, a rich program of performances will be offered: opera, concerts, classical and contemporary theater, dance and musicals, hosting a cross-section of the best Italian production and internationally renowned artists. The Malatestian Music Festival since 1950 brings to Rimini the most prestigious conductors, soloists and orchestras of the international musical firmament delivering to the local community, also for the numbers and the work done on the training of the public, one of the most precious civil and cultural heritage and a prestigious cultural event, among the most long-lived in Italy.
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6 - 9 November 2018
Rimini Fair, via Emilia 155 
Ecomondo - Key Energy
International Fair of Material and Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development, and in general all green economy fairs.
ECOMONDO is the leading fair of the green and circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area; an international event with an innovative format that combines all sectors of the circular economy into one platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development.
KEY ENERGY, is the Exhibition of Energy and Sustainable Mobility that presents industrial solutions and also urban applications of energy efficiency, renewable energy, mobility and sustainable city.

Every last Sunday of the month (except July and December)
Rimini Antiqua
The first antiques, modern and vintage exhibition of the city on a monthly basis. An event where you can find a wide selection of selected items: ceramics, glass, books, furniture, jewelry, silver, various objects, all strictly dated or antique.
Timetable: from 8.00 to 19.00. Info: 0541 774385

1 December 2018 - 6 January 2019
The longest New Year celebrations in the world
Every corner of the city turns into an open-air stage for a month of music, art, shows, Christmas events and great concerts. The show of the illuminations, the exhibitions, the Christmas markets, the traditional cribs and those of sand light up the atmosphere of the most anticipated festivities, making the whole city shine with a new and welcoming light. As usual, on December 31st, with many "diffused" New Year Eves, starting from the large concert of piazzale Fellini, a few steps from the sea in winter, to continue with the many New Year Eves of the historic center.


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