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Main Events 2010

A year with twelve extraordinary months dedicated to culture, amusement and joyful life

A year with twelve extraordinary months dedicated to amusement and joyful life offering entertainment, art, music, theatre, cinema, sport events and activities for children in Summer and in Winter time.
The calender is subject to changes 

Every last Sunday of the month
Piazza Cavour, Vecchia Pescheria and Piazza Malatesta
Rimini Antiqua
The first monthly Exhibition Market of Antiques and Modern Vintage in the city.
An appointment where you can find a large choice of selected objects: pottery, glass, books, furniture, jewelry, silver, various objects, all rigorously dated or old.
An appointment for a growing number of selected exhibitors and collectors, who aims to become the region’s landmark of antiques market.
Time: 7.00 am - 7.00 pm. In June, July and August 6pm to midnight
Info: tel. +39 0541.380128 (Rimini Art*)

Every third Sunday of the month
Rimini, via Casalecchio n. 58/n
National Motor-cycle Museum - Exchange exhibitions
The Market is back again on the third Sunday of each month. It is the only one in Italy and it is organized since 1994 in the spaces in front of the exhibition center.
Time: 10 am - 12.30 / 3 pm - 7 pm
Admission fee: € 4; reduced ticket € 3
Info: tel. +39 0541.731096  

23rd - 27th January 2010
Rimini Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
International Exhibition for Artisan Production of Gelato (Italian Ice Cream), Confectionery and Bakery.
Info: +39 0541.744111  

25th January 2010
Rimini, 105 Stadium
The musical Grease arrives in Rimini after 12 years of replicas with great success in the theaters all over Italy.
It is interpreted by the company Rancia, a young group that aims to give the public all their enthusiasm and their energy.
Prices: from 28€ to 45€
Info: tel. +39 0541.395698

14th and 16th February 2010
Rimini, piazza Cavour e piazza Tre Martiri
Color Coriandolo
The Carnival Festival in Rimini historic centre: the streets come alive with walk-on actors, clowns and street artists in fancy dresses. The event aims to pay homage to the ancient world of the comedians with the typical Carnival characters such as Harlequin, Columbine, Balanzone, Brighella, Captain Spaventa ... an then fancy-costume parades, shows and sweets for everybody! 
Time: 3pm 

21st - 24th February 2010

Rimini Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
MIA and Pianeta Birra - Beverage & Co.
International Food Show - Food, Beverage & Trends in Eating Out and and Large-scale Distribution. Exhibition of Beers, Snacks, Furnishing and Fittings for Pubs and Pizza Parlours. In addtion MSE (Mediterranean Seafood Exhibition), Oro giallo (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exhibition) and DiVino Lounge (Wine, Food and More)
info: tel. +39 0541.744111  

18th - 21st March 2010
Rimini Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
Enada Spring
International Amusement & Gaming Machine Show.
Info: tel. +39 0541.744111  

26th and 27th March 2010
Rimini, 105 Stadium
The famous musical that has as protagonists the cats, is presented for the first time in Italian version. The translation from English is made by Michele Renzullo and Franco Travaglio.
Prices: from 44€ to 60€
tel. +39 0541.395698  

1st - 5th April 2010 - Easter 2010
Rimini Marina Centro, beach area 28A - 46
Paganello Amarcord - 20th edition in honour of Federico Fellini
Young people from all over the world will compete in Rimini for the 'Frisbee World Cup': competitions, music, entertainments, fun, and a lot of time to be spent together.
Info: tel. +39 0541.743187  

8th – 9th May 2010
Viserba beach in Rimini - Rico's Café, Playa Tamarindo, Marina Grande
International Beach Tchoukball Festival
An International event where you meet tchoukers of all ages and levels, from world champions to beginners.
The formula of the festival is the usual one of Tchoukball: the rules aim to express the desire to play and have fun more than to win the competition. But the matches are always spectacular challenges. The Festival taking place in Rimini has become the most famous event of beach Tchoukball in the world.  The 2010 edition expand to 4 days with the organization of courses for tchoukball instructors and International Arbitration (Thursday 6th and Friday 7th May)

17th - 18th April 2010
Rimini, Beach area in front of Piazzale Fellini - Beach 9 / 10
Kite Festival on the beach
The traditional Spring event which gathers many groups of kite enthusiasts from different Italian regions and from all Europe.
A weekend of fun and happiness that also highlights the social commitment of the Italian Association against Leukaemia.
Time: 10 am - 6.30 pm (break from 1.00 to 2.00 pm)
Info: tel. +39 368.7791719  

13th - 16th May 2010
Rimini New Fair District, via Emilia 155
Rimini Wellness
Fitness, sport and well-being on stage. For all the enthusiasts of sport and well-being, Rimini is a must at the beginning of the Summer season: operators and visitors are invited for four days full of appointments inside and outside the fair district.
Info: tel. +39 0541.744111  

27th May - 6th June 2010
Rimini, new fair district
Italian Dance Sport Championship and International Competitions
One of the most spectacular competitive sport event: 10 days of exciting dance competitions involving the FIDS athlets and the public, who can watch the performances of all dance sport disciplines.
Info: tel. +39 0541.744111  
June - September 2010
Rimini, old town and beach
100 days to celebrate
Every day Rimini welcomes its guests with a celebration amid enjoyment, culture, sport, music, traditions, gourmet and 'joie de vivre'. From June to September more than 500 events are organized from the local tourist associations. A 100-day-long festival that animates squares, streets and above all the beach promenade from Torre Pedrera to Miramare.
Info: tel. +39 0541.56902 - 0541.53399

June - September 2010
Rimini, historic centre
Rimini Centro Vivo - A City Centre Full of Life
Magic evenings in the heart of Rimini: streets, squares and art treasures come alive with cultural events, markets, historic re-enactments, meetings and entertainment.
Entrance free of charge
Info: tel. +39 0541.56902  

10th June - 11th July 2010
Rimini, piazzale Boscovich, canal harbour 
World Village
A maxi- screen completely dedicated to the projection of the World Cup football matches is available on piazzale Boscovich in the Sport Village just opposite the beach. Every night football matches, football documentary films and many amusing sport activities.

14th June - 21st August 2010
Rimini Beach
The Wellbeing Beaches
Wellness on the Beach - Summer Festival
This initiative takes place in several bathing establishments (Bagni) where everybody can experiment wellbeing and absolute relax from dawn to dusk. Meetings, tastings, workshops on health & wellness, trips by boat and trips by bus to the castles and villages in Rimini country-side will characterized this new edition.
Info: tel. +39 0541.787643 ; mobile +39 335 5419107 

15th  June - 14th September 2010
Rimini historical centre
Strolling in the Past
From June to mid-September, every Tuesday the appointment with the guided tour in the historical centre of Rimini gives once again the opportunity to visit the most interesting monuments of the town, representing different historical ages: Roman and Medieval, Renaissance and Modern. It is possible to conclude the tour visiting the Museo della Città (Town Museum), where the local historic and artistic heritage is kept and the recently open "Surgeon's House".
Meeting point: Town Museum, via L. Tonini 1- at 9.30 am
The initiative also takes place on Easter Monday and on 25th April (Liberation Day) at 3.30pm
Price: 3 €
Info: tel. +39 0541.704421(426) - 0541.53399

18th - 19th - 20th June 2010
Rimini, historic center
Un mare di libri - A sea of books
The third edition of the literature festival dedicated to teenagers and young adults; three days of meetings with the Italian and foreign writers most loved by the youths - workshops and performances.

23rd - 26th June 2010
Piazzale Fellini
International Traditional Jazz & Swing Festival
Jazz, Swing and Dixieland, the great black music deriving from slaves' traditional songs, will entertain the public for a week of great concerts with jazz professional players coming from all over the world.
Free entrance

25th - 26th - 27th giugno 2010
Rimini historic centre, Rimini, Museo della Città, Domus del Chirurgo, Biblioteca Civica Gambalunga, Cineteca, Palazzo del Podestà
Antico/Presente. Festival del mondo antico
Festival of the Ancient World. A new venue in the historic centre.
A new section of the archaeological site in the City Museum will open on the occasion of the Festival’s opening ceremony. It will be an extraordinary event with a rich program of events, debates, conferences, screenings, workshops and much more.
Famous speakers, known and lesser-known in Italy and in the rest of the world, will tell about the closeness and remoteness of the "classics of all time."  Among the initiatives: archaeologists in mission, lessons, courses in history and archeology, games and workshops for children, food and wine.
Info: tel. 0541.704486 – 704421  

29th June - 26th July 2010
Rimini, Agostiniani Court, via Cairoli, 40
Percuotere La Mente
Every year in July this important music show, taking place in Rimini, turns to new sonorities going through the border between present and past, world-music and lost folk traditions, 'classical' and 'extra classical' music. Among the guests, Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea, gli Afterhours, Markus Stockhausen & Tara Bouman, Daniele Maggioli & Gli Orsi, gli Avion Travel, Noa.
Info: tel. +39 0541.704294 

1st - 2nd July 2010
Rimini, new expo centre, via Emilia 155 
BTC 2010
The Meeting Industry Exhibition in Italy

2nd July 2010
Rimini and surrounding
The Pink Night
The forty-kilometres-long Riviera will be celebrating this night for the fifth consecutive year. The night on the beach promenade will take a pink colouring. The shops and the museums will be open all through the night and you'll be offered concerts, shows and entertainments everywhere until the daybreak. The Pink Night is a night for meeting, feeling and having a good time. At midnight, pink fireworks along the coast will enlighten the sky.
Info: tel. +39 0541.56902  

3rd - 16th - 24th - 27th July and 8th August 2010
Rimini, 105 Stadium Arena
Riviera On Air Festival - ROA
The first edition of the "Riviera On Air Festival - ROA, takes place in the new location, ARENA105 STADIUM. The new Arena, in front of 105 Stadium, is easily accessible, surrounded by about 4000 car park places, with chairs and seats for more than 10,000 people.
It is a new venue in Rimini where to organize events and music performances outdoors during the summer evenings.
Riviera On Air Festival starts with a great programme – on schedule 5 big events with music and entertainment.
It starts on 3rd July with Rimini Ridens (the best Italian comedians), goes on with Gigi D'Alessio, on 16th July, Giovanni Allevi, on  24th July and with the Simply Red on 27th July. Final performance with SKA-P on 8th August.

4th July 2010
Rimini, Piazza Tre Martiri
Mod'Art - The Protagonists of "Bellessere"
Fashion show, beauty and fitness, dedicated to the business enterprises which are excelling in the market of Fashion, Beauty and Wellness in the territory of Rimini. The Protagonists of "Bellessere" is attended by enterprises in business of haute couture, clothing, leather, jewelry, hairdressing, beauty, fitness.
Time: at 9 pm
Info: tel. 0541.760976 Confartigianato Rimini 

5thJuly  - 13th August 2010
Rimini Corte degli Agostiniani, via Cairoli 42 
Agostiniani Estate -  Cinema Under The Stars
The charming Augustinian Courtyard in Rimini historic centre is the fascinating place where the best projections of the last film season dedicated to culture and entertainment will be shown during the Summer time. Entrance fee payable.
Info: tel. +39 0541 56902

8th - 31st July 2010
Rimini old town and the marina
Cartoon Club
Cartoon Club, the International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics, is back to Rimini for the whole month of July. A lot of events are planned in the old town center and in the beach area, Marina Centro. A lot of cartoons are on programme in the evenings of projections. Cartoon Club has also other events such as the three days exhibition market Rimini Comix, the Cosplay Convention, meetings with the cartoonists and the great performances.
Cartoon Club is an opportunity for fun and entertainment dedicated to all ages. Young directors from all over the world will challenge to win the Mr. Rossi Award for the best cartoon. With the Cosplay Convention Piazzale Fellini is invaded by hundreds of young people wearing costumes inspired by the characters in the comics and cartoons. The same characters that every night are projected on the giant screen set up in Piazzale Fellini to the delight of children and families. It is also possibile to see them in the historic centre thanks to the many exhibitions hosted there. Even in places such as the characteristic Chiostro in Borgo San Giuliano, the Roman Lapidary in the City Museum’s Court and the Agostiniani Courtyard there are meetings, projections and performances for the public. Great live concert and evenings dedicated to meetings and contacts between the professionals of the Italian and international animation cinema.
Info: tel. +39 0541.784193  

11th - 19th July 2010
Circolo Tennis Rimini, Lungomare Tintori 9
Rimini Challenger
The International Tennis ATP "Riviera di Rimini Challenger" is back to Rimini for the seventh consecutive year. The tournament is considered one of the most important tennis events of the Challenger circuit with many of the best players of international ranking coming from all over the world.
Time: from 10 am until midnight
Free entrance
Info: tel. +39 0541.24947  

16th July - 10th August 2010
Rimini beach
The arena on the beach touring from Torre Pedrera to Miramare is an anusual magic place where the best projections of the last film season dedicated to culture and entertainment will be shown during the Summer time. The showings start at 9.30 pm and are free-of-charge.
on Mondays, Rimini Piazzale Fellini
on Tuesdays, Torre Pedrera beach - Bagni 71 - 72)
on Wednesdays, piazza della Balena - San Giuliano beach
on Thursdays, Marina Grande beach in Viserba - Bagni 25 - 26
on Fridays, Rimini Terme beach in Miramare - Bluegarden
Info: tel. +39 0541 56902

29th July 2010 - 1st August 2010
Rimini beach
Riviera Beach Games
The Olympic Games of the Adriatic
The whole Adriatic Coast of Emilia Romagna organizes a sport and entertainment festival. The first and only opportunity in Italy to live the disciplines, "queens of the summer", during trophies and challenges between champions. The played disciplines are: beach volley, beach tennis, beach soccer, beach rugby, beach handball, foot volley, beach badminton, beach freesby, sea swimming. But everybody can become protagonist for a weekend dedicated to the sports and to the healthy entertainment.

13th July - 29th August 2010 
Rimini, piazzale Boscovich (harbour)
Moby Cult
Moby Cult celebrates 20 years! The event hosts important authors from the world of culture, entertainment and media . The review represents also for an inexpert public the occasion of a direct contact with the world of literature and with their favourite writers and show men.
Info: tel. +39 0541.23624 - 0541.56902

4th - 20th August 2010
Rimini, Teatro degli Atti, via Cairoli 40 and Suffragio church 
BWV - Bach
Baroque Music Festival organized by the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana and dedicated to the great Kantor from Lipsia.
Admission fee

22nd - 28th  August 2010
Rimini, New Fair District
Meeting for friendship among people 2010
With its high attendance of more than 600.000 people, since 1980 Rimini Meeting has been the world's foremost Summer festival for culture, music and entertainment.
Info: tel. +39 0541 783100

31st August - 22nd September 2010
Rimini AuditorAium, via della Fiera 52
Sagra Musicale Malatestiana
It is the most prestigious symphonic concert festival of this area. In the 60 previous editions, famous musicians and great orchestras from all over the world have taken part at this event. Among the artists we can mention : Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Riccardo Chailly, Mstislav Rostropovich, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Renata Tebaldi, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Zubin Metha, Georges Pretre, Lorin Maazel , Kurt Masur, Valery Gergiev, Neville Marriner, James Conlon, Myung-Whun Chung. Besides the symphonic appointments in September the festival now includes the BWV Bach section dedicated to the Kantor of Lipsia in the month of August and several collateral performances.
Info: tel. +39 0541.704294 (Istituzione MusicaTeatro Eventi)  

4th – 5th September 2010
Rimini, Borgo San Giuliano
XVII edition of the “Festa de’ Borg”
This event takes place every 2 years in Borgo San Giuliano, in the historic centre near the Roman bridge of Tiberius. On the occasion, the squares turn into theatre stage. Gastronomic stands, music, exhibitions, live performances and a great final event with fireworks display.
Info: tel. 0541.56902  

5th September 2010
Rimini, Misano World Circuit
Grand Prix MotoGp - Gran Premio Cinzano San Marino and the Rimini Riviera
Rimini and the entire Riviera is preparing to host the big event of the Grand Prix MotoGp on the international circuit in Misano Adriatico with a calendar of special events.

19th  - 23rd September 2010
Rimini, Palacongressi, via della Fiera
World Congress of Social Tourism 
Rimini has been chosen by the organization Bureau International du Tourisme Social (Bits) to host the World Congress. The organization is composed by non-profit associations, cooperatives, private organizations and public institutions in charge of tourism policies. The mission of Bits is to promote social tourism.
Info: tel 0541.711500

22nd - 24th October 2010
Rimini, New Exhibition Centre, via Emilia 155
TTI/TTG Meeting
The 47th edition of trade fair B2B regarding Tourism. It is the most important workshop dedicated to Italian Tourism Management.

October - November 2010
Rimini, Teatro degli Atti, via Cairoli 40
Sunday Concerts
Chamber music performances proposing high quality music on Winter Sundays afternoon or evening. It is a collateral section of the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana.

14th – 16th October 2010
Rimini, New Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
28 ° International Exhibition of Outdoor Lifestyle. Design, furniture and accessories.

23rd October 2010 – 27th March 2011
Rimini, Castel Sismondo
Caravaggio and painters of the seventeenth century  - Masterpieces from the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford 
It is an exhibition of exceptional quality, all focused on the best masterpieces of the seventeenth-century in Europe, and first of all on Caravaggio with his superb painting " the ecstasy of San Francesco" exceptionally in Rimini.
An extraordinary occasion to admire works coming from the oldest museum in the United States of America, the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut.
The "other painters of the seventeenth century," as the title mentions, are represented with masterpieces by Gentileschi, Strozzi, Morazzone, the Saracens in Italy, Ribera and Zurbaran in Spain, Le Sueur in France, and also by Sweerts, Van Dyck and Hals, which means that all the great Masters are here with masterpieces of great dimensions. 
23rd October 2010 – 27 March 2011

Rimini, Castel Sismondo
Paris. The wonderful years - Impressionism versus Salon 
On show round 70 paintings from several European and American museums and private collections. The exhibition follows the extraordinary period in which Paris became the centre of the world in the XIX century. A literary section within the exhibition with works from Baudelaire to Zola and Proust, explains the strict link between painters and writers.

15th - 16th - 17th October 2010
Rimini, Teatro Novelli
Giornate di Studio del Centro Ricerche Pio Manzù
The traditional appointment with culture, politics and economy with particular reference to the problems of the environment, technology and development. Theme of the 36th edition of the International Conference is "21st century challenge - mankind: its needs and uncertainties. Rediscovering reason, sharing values, expressing the future".
Info: tel. +39 0541.678139  

3rd - 6th November 2010
Rimini Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
14th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development. In addtion Key Energy (International Expo on Energy and Sustainable Mobility, Climate and Resources for a New Development), RI3 - 6th Exhibition of Regeneration, Refill and Re-use of Printing Media, Hardware and It/Telecom Products and Cooperambiente (3th trade fair for the Cooperative supply of Energy and Environment Services).
Info: +39 0541.744111  

November 2010 - Aprile 2011
Rimini, Teatro Ermete Novelli, via Cappellini 3 - Teatro degli Atti, via Cairoli 42
Ermete Novelli Theatre Season
A whole season of theatre performances in programme at the Teatro Novelli and Teatro degli Atti, with a various film calendar prepared by the Istituzione Musica Teatro Eventi - Comune di Rimini, and divided in Turni A, B and C, Turno D - "Altri Percorsi" and Tracce D Nuovo.
The shows start at 9 pm, except sometimes on Sundays (at 4 pm)
Info: tel. +39 0541.704292 - 704293

20th - 23rd November 2010
Rimini Expo Centre, via Emilia 155
SIA Guest
60th International Hospitality Exhibition.
Info: tel. +39 0541.744111  

December 2010 - 6th January 2011

Christmas and New Year Holidays 
On the occasion of the Christmas holidays and the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Rimini offers a lot of events and a charming atmosphere with suggestive Christmas lights, the typical Christmas markets, opera performances, exhibitions, the traditional cribs and the giant sand cribs on the beach. And on the New Year’s Eve, 31st December, a great event on the square will take place to say Good-Bye to 2010 and to start a wonderful 2011.
Info: tel. +39 0541.56902